How do I know when a mobile app is right for my company?

How do I Know when a Mobile App is Right for my Company?

The online world has now been taken by the mobile storm. Smartphones have achieved a widespread reach amongst our population, creating a shift in customer concentration from web to mobile applications. If the online presence of your company is not able to handle the mobile platform, you are at a risk of falling behind the current trends.

Almost all norms of marketing and business have been reconstructed with the development in mobile technology, today. An app or mobile website could help you a great deal in controlling the information and updates regarding your product or service. In other words, if designed and handled well, these apps could be a great medium for advertisements.

Now, if you are not equipped with an online presence to put your business out there, you fall short of being able to convince them about your quality and to take your business further. Not just that they might stumble upon some third party reviews about your product that could be good or bad. Now we can't leave anything to luck, can we? Not especially when it has everything to do with your hard-earned business.

Mobile websites are useful tools when you are aiming for a brand presence to convey useful information for the clients. However, they have their cons as well. Accessing a mobile website takes time to navigate through the browser. Even a delay of seconds is frowned upon by users today. Also, mobile websites lack the uniqueness factor, as they do not differ much from the normal websites.

All those businesses that are yet to make a mobile presence, have the following options before them
  • Develop a mobile app for enabling customer interaction with your company
  • To get a dedicated mobile website designed
  • Make use of responsive web designs to develop a website that would work well on mobile platforms
So when do you need a mobile app for your business?
It would be wise to opt for a mobile app BEFORE the shortcomings of your online presence start affecting your business. Mobile apps are ideal tools in creating brand recognition for your company beyond the bounds of a mobile browser. They help in building user trust and credibility of the company as well.
So it is ideal to build a mobile app with clear goals as to its scope and functionalities that it is intended for. Mobile apps provide a much more personal approach than websites and hence would be vital for the future of your business.

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