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YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DRAMATIC CHANGE. Partner up with one of our top certified nutrition coaches, connect multiple times per day, commit to the process, and transform yourself.

Around-the-clock, personal nutrition coaching for weight loss and wellness. On demand, at your fingertips. 

Revolutionary service delivered by a new breed of nutritionists over an app.

We are fiercely committed to changing your life, an intimate and immersive experience that demands the constant support and attention of a dedicated professional. All EvolutionEat coaches are Registered Dietitians, the best trained and top certified experts in their field, who are carefully selected for pioneering a whole foods approach and providing motivational excellence.

100% COMMITMENT: Our process-driven flagship coaching program is built on habit-based accountability and high-touch personalization. Intended only for individuals who are absolutely serious about creating dramatic change. If you aren’t willing to commit 100% to the process then you aren’t ready for EvolutionEat.

HOW IT WORKS: Connect with your coach every day over the EvolutionEat app. Send photos of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner to maintain a system of total accountability. Expect to hear from your coach at least three times per day, weekends included, and catch up face-to-face over video as needed.

HABIT-BASED DIETARY OVERHAUL: Taking photos of what you eat instills the daily habit of making healthy choices. Feedback from your coach helps you learn from experience and enforces an ongoing loop that perpetuates the habit. Over time, you’ll establish a routine of consistency that you can rely upon day after day to overcome whatever dietary challenges life throws you.

REVOLUTIONARY SUPPORT: Support you can count on goes beyond just sending pictures of your food. Think of your coach as a mentor, strategist, teacher and your biggest supporter. Someone you can always rely on, who’s always there for you. We guarantee your coach will do the following, if not more:

- Conduct a face-to-face video call before your plan officially begins to learn about your long- and short-term goals, dietary preferences & restrictions, lifestyle, routine, dieting history, trigger foods, etc.

- Deliver a personally tailored plan that sets you up for success at the beginning of your journey.

- Challenge what’s comfortable by creating new routines and dietary habits.

- Assess every meal you share, suggest healthy food substitutions and correct for portion sizes.

- Proactively reach out if you miss a meal window. That means your coach is always thinking of you.

- Strategically prepare you for the grocery store, restaurant menus, social engagements and professional events—educating when necessary and preparing for success. 

- Keep you committed to the process by demanding accountability and transparency.

- Provide the emotional support to overcome triggers, cravings and setbacks.

- Teach you the foundations of nutrition and challenge outdated industry rhetoric.

- Steer you away from the Standard American Diet.

- Maintain in-app daily photo archives of every meal shared.

- Keep in-app records of weekly and monthly progress, accessible to you, including weight, waist circumference, BMI and more.

- Provide exercise accountability through the Exercise Log, if so desired. 

- Virtually meet face-to-face with you every week to deliver personalized feedback on your progress and the support you need to stay in control.

- Never judge you. Our process is incredibly collaborative, filled with positivity and steadfast conviction of your ability to change.
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