Ten basic features of a successful online store

Selling products or services online is as difficult as it is offline. Just as in the physical market, in the online space too, you will have thousands of competitors vying for customers. Almost all of the factors that affect selling in the physical space affect selling in the online space too. Basically there are three things that will make your business, online or offline, successful – speciality of the products or services, huge demand, and irresistible offers. Over and above, there are a few essential features that are indispensable for an online store.

Unique selling point: In addition to the unique selling point that your product or service may have, the online store should have something that makes it special too. It could be a 24x7 online helpline service with a live person at the end of it to interact with visitors and give clarifications, or something similar that would help gain the confidence of the prospective customer.

Relevant domain name: The domain name of the online store should give a fair insight into the business of the store. It should be simple, short and easy to remember.

Unique design: The online store should have a creative design, unique content and a distinct brand identity.

Product display: Products should be displayed with relevant information about their features and prices in such a way that they can be compared. This would make it easy for the customers to make their choice. Special offers should be highlighted using banners or other effects that catch the eye.

User-friendliness: The store should be user-friendly making it easy for the customer to access information regarding the products, choose the products and add them to the shopping cart.

Clear call-to-actions: The store should have clear call-to-actions at the right places. This will help lead the customer by the hand from the moment he or she visits the store to the point the transaction gets completed.
Simple method of transaction: The terms of delivery should be clear. Calculations of prices and other charges should be simple to understand. Most widely used payment options should be made available. Customer should be able to complete payment in a few, simple steps.

Right keywords:  The online store should have the right keywords to describe the products and services. Right keywords are those using which customers search for products and services on the internet.

Reliable delivery: All information regarding shipping should be readily available and easily comprehensible. The process of shipping should be snag free. It would be advisable to tie up with a known and reliable service for product delivery.

Security: Adequate measures should be taken to avoid fraud. Steps should be taken to ensure security and confidentiality.

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