Corporate identity of a company is established by creating a brand logo to promote its products and services, and then building brand awareness through marketing with the help of the logo. Brand building makes the company and its products and services familiar to the public. Successful brand building results in increasing brand awareness which helps the public recognise the company and what it delivers. This helps the company and its activities, products and services stand out distinctly from those of its competitors. When the business or the brand is associated with the logo, the corporate identity is established.

NewAge SMB is a web design company based in New Jersey, well equipped with highly creative, skilled and trained graphic designers who have extensive experience working on building brand/corporate identities for businesses dealing with various products and services across various industries. We build custom logos that are unique and relevant to different businesses that easily fit into sleek business card designs, letterheads and other marketing collaterals, communications and business literature.

Today, competition is as high in the online marketplace as it is in the real market. So it is as important to build a brand in the online space as it is in the real world to create a corporate identity. NewAge SMB has a creative team of designers who are specialized in conceptualizing and creating professional business logo designs. The team is adept at creating simple, small, catchy, powerful and easy to recall company logo designs.

We design a business logo keeping in mind the industry, the nature of business, the demographics and the background of the customers of the business. In addition to business cards and other stationery, websites are also designed consistent with the basic concept of the logo to build the brand and corporate identity. The creative team at NewAge SMB have years of experience in catering to the design needs of our clients across various industries. Our highly committed team in India makes sure that we are able to complete designs as per clients’ specifications at affordable cost within reasonable time.

We make sure that the corporate/business logos that we design are:

  • professional
  • unique
  • simple
  • relevant
  • visually appealing
  • catchy
  • easy to recall
  • business-specific
  • reproducible into all marketing collaterals
  • flexible to improve without affecting the overall brand identity

About NewAge SMB

NewAge SMB, a New Jersey based professional web design and website Development, is focused on the leading edge of information transfer technologies, adding significant value to their business. Most importantly, we accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by clubbing creative and cost effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance.

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