Create interesting and user-friendly Android applications customized to your business, marketing and operational needs.

Fierce competition and ever increasing demands of the market motivate businesses to find newer and more effective tools to spruce up the efficiency of its operations and to hold the attention of its customers. Android applications, which have met these requirements most competently in the recent years, have been taking huge leaps in technical advancement to counter the growing challenges.

Simple functionality and unique features are the factors that lead to the success of a mobile application. At NewAge SMB, we have a skilled team of Android developers who are regularly trained and updated in the latest techniques in Android application development. Ideally, it’s a simple, innovative, and engaging application that gives you the best in terms of returns for the efforts and money invested. Our Android development experts deliver just that.

NewAge SMB is a company based in New Jersey. We have developed a wide range of Android applications customized to the specific requirements of a vast clientele within and outside New Jersey. Whether for improving business operations or for enhancing marketing efforts, we develop applications based on creative ideas and unique concepts, ensuring maximum satisfaction of our clients as well as the end users.

Just let us know what suits you best, we will do the rest.

Why choose our Android app developers?

  •  We create advanced Android applications of high quality with stunning features and easy usability.

  • We don’t use concepts and ideas off the shelf; we customize applications to your requirements and expectations.

  • We develop applications that match and uphold the high standards of your brand value and positioning.

  • We develop apps with your target audience in mind, giving utmost priority to user engagement and experience.

  • We make sure your apps are optimized for speed and performance as well as looks and usability.

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1. The apps listed here are compatible with the latest version of IOS/Android at the time of their latest releases.
2. Some apps might not be available at the store in cases our clients have not renewed their developer licenses.

About NewAge SMB

NewAge SMB, a New Jersey based professional web design and website Development, is focused on the leading edge of information transfer technologies, adding significant value to their business. Most importantly, we accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by clubbing creative and cost effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance.

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