Quality assurance is an integral part of any project and this is so for both website design and website development projects. Needless to say, NewAge SMB has a team of quality analysts who go through a meticulous process of quality checking be it website design or application. We not only make sure that the project is error free but also ensure that it meets the exact specifications and expectations of the client. Moreover, we also ensure that the product provides the desired user experience.

Quality assurance is one of the last phases of a project. Quality assurance reveals all the bugs and errors of a product and only after these errors are corrected and the product is checked once more to ensure quality is it considered ready for delivery. Sometimes a complicated product may need to go through the process of quality assurance multiple times. Quality analysts at NewAge SMB are skilled at picking out and fixing errors.

Traditional methods of quality assurance focus on technical aspects rather than experiential aspects. They ensure smooth and flawless running of the product. The conventional process of quality assurance contributes little to enhance the user experience of the product. The quality assurance team at NewAge SMB are adepts at scrutinizing a product through the eyes of both the client and the user, and discover all possible defects so that the product matches up to the customer’s expectations and ensures good user experience.

It is crucial that the first impression a website makes on prospective customers and clients is good. It is important that they get the information they seek easily and they find the products and services featured on the site impressive. There are three basic types of testing done to confirm that a product is of good quality in all aspects. They are

  • requirements testing
  • design testing and
  • functionality testing

Quality assurance is done during the final stages of both website design creation and website development. This is to ensure that the product, when it is finally delivered, is as per required specifications and expected quality, without any technical errors or user experience issues. Quality assurance confirms that a product is perfect in all aspects with all the required elements in place and without any snag at the point of delivery.

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NewAge SMB, a New Jersey based professional web design and website Development, is focused on the leading edge of information transfer technologies, adding significant value to their business. Most importantly, we accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by clubbing creative and cost effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance.

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