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Do you own a business in Florida but still don’t have an exclusive mobile application for the same? You are definitely going to lack behind in promoting your business. Every year is an year of adopting clever and sustainable methods of marketing, a mobile app, one of the strongest tools that help promote your business by being available for the customer 24/7 and making it possible for them to buy various things or avail the services from the comforts of their homes. However, it is important to hire a skilled and experienced hand to develop a mobile app for your business as only top-rated app developers like NewAgeSMB have the expertise and knowledge to understand your requirements, conceive your idea and then come up with the suitable solutions that are incorporated as various features of the app, making it stand out in the crowd. The ratings and feedback that NewAgeSMB has received from world-renowned platforms are the testimony of the work we deliver.

Why choose NewAgeSMB?

When we claim that NewAgeSMB is unique and different from other players of the industry, we are not just making an attempt to praise ourselves. Our agenda ever since the inception of the company in 1994 was to perform beyond the expectations of our clients and make their ideas of creating a mobile app into reality. As an enterprise our policy is not merely concentrating on how to make profit for ourselves, but we develop mobile apps that act as the most effective revenue generation tool for our clients, thereby increasing our profit and building the company’s brand image in the industry. More than two decades of experience in mobile app development has made us equipped to foresee the possible challenges that may occur during the developmental process of an app. We also have a team of professionals with thorough and knowledge about the market, and design the features of the app that are in par with the recent trends and technologies. The innumerable awards, recognitions and accolades that came our way, which includes- the best UX/UI designers of Florida and top mobile app developers of Florida for consequent years.

How do we work?

We do not work on the basis of any pre-set plan. We believe in customization and understand that every client approaches us with the faith that we will give a shape to their dreams and develop an app that incorporates different features, therefore fulfilling their requirements. The steps that we follow include

  • Working with the clients from the scratch i.e on developing the idea, its feasibility in the market depending on various factors that govern the loss and profit of a business when it is launched at a particular time and therefore, analysing the current trends with regards to the products and services that the company sells so that the features of the app can be built around it.
  • Conduct thorough market research which provides us with the information required to design the app and decide on the features that need to be incorporated in the app. This will in turn make the app functional and the need of the hour, so that more customers tend to download and use it.
  • We have a dedicated team that conducts market research and prepares a database of various factors that can come into action while developing the app.
  • Decide on the platform to develop the app depending on the target audience and the requirements of the client. This directly increases the impact of the app, attracting more users and increasing the popularity of the app.
  • We make sure that the user experience, functionality and scalability are given priority throughout the developmental process while making use of the most modern technologies only.

Some of the popular fields for which NewAgeSMB has designed apps include:

Fitness apps

Location-based apps
for businesses

service apps

Customized apps
for businesses

Online food
delivery apps


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