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It won’t be an understatement to say that the success of mobile apps equally depends on the customers as well as the developer. The ultimate product will only look good and function extraordinarily if the craftsmanship went into building it is also highly skilled and professional. This is applicable to mobile apps also. Only an app developer as experienced and skilled as NewAgeSMB can create mobile apps that stand out in the pool of apps in every smartphone user’s mobile. Estimates show that almost 75 % of the people spend most of their free time glued to their smartphones, browsing through apps varying from those for E-Commerce to those which are made for accomplishing odd activities. It is indeed complex and challenging to stand apart in this crowd. However, the quality and functionality of the apps that we develop speak for us. One of the best app developers in NYC, NewAgeSMB provides its customers with highly functional mobile apps that despite being embedded with a number of features, have an extremely user-friendly interface and provide high quality user experience while incorporating high-end and latest technologies. This ensures that we do not compromise even a single bit on the quality.

How does NewAgeSMB Work?

With a team of highly skilled programmers and a well-planned structure for app development, we at NewAgeSMB work with the client right from when the app is just an idea and take the entire responsibility of making it a reality in the best professional manner. Our clientele consists of both large enterprises as well as start-ups as we give equal importance to all our clients and take extra effort to ensure that the technology solutions that we provide is affordable. Moreover, we also make sure that every app has enough and more features that are equipped to attract users, persuade them to download the app, use it and ultimately lead to revenue generation.

Our Team, our Strength

The highly skilled team of programmers that are our assets are responsible for creating apps for customers who have the simplest of all requirements as well for those who have the most complex idea. Fulfilling the client’s requirement so that they can provide the best service in town to their prospective clients, tops our priority list. Around two decades of experience in the mobile app development industry has made our team equipped to understand a client’s requirement the moment they mention the idea that persuaded them to opt to develop an exclusive mobile app for their business. The team of programmers then work on the idea after a thorough market research, which helps them understand the feasibility of the requirements that the client requires and accordingly develop the app. Keeping in mind the requirements and the target audience, we then decide the platform where the app needs to be published. We create apps for both android as well as iOS platforms both of which are different in terms of the features, technology and development cost. However, we do not compel the client to take up a platform that would fetch us more money because eventually the apps remain unnoticed and we believe that it also hampers our reputation in the market.

The Apps we have Developed

Fitness apps

Location-based apps
for businesses

service apps

Customized apps
for businesses

Online food
delivery apps


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