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Award-Winning App Development Company in Maryland

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Mobile apps have been becoming more and more popular ever since the two major platforms, iOS, and Android, were released. What was initially confined to games and basic apps has now evolved into something much bigger. Today, we can see a dedicated mobile app for everything, from shopping to make appointments with your doctor. Having a dedicated mobile app for your business or your idea is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. After creating apps over the years for companies in almost all verticals, NewAgeSMB is the leading choice to create an app Maryland.

At NewAgeSMB, we do not believe in making empty promises. We focus all our energy and resources on finding the best and most effective business solutions. Our constant strive for perfection has made us the number one choice for app development Maryland. We have mastered the art of app development through grit and irreplaceable experiences. NewAgeSMB, an award-winning app development company, has set the bars high for app development Maryland with innovative thinking and a futuristic vision. Our passion for building beautiful yet functionally superior apps has made a world of difference.

What Makes NewAgeSMB The Ideal App Development Partner For You?

With 25 years of experience serving companies of all shapes and sizes, NewAgeSMB has always delivered above and beyond the client’s expectations. Over the years, we have learned from the many challenging projects we have taken up and made ourselves and our process better, honing it to perfection in each step of the way. When faced with a challenge, rather than looking at it as something to be dealt with, we look at them as learning opportunities. And it is precisely this earnest desire to improve ourselves that has made us the leaders in app development Maryland.

What truly differentiates us from the rest of the crowd is that we are motivated not by the awards and acclamations that we have accumulated over time but by our customer’s happy faces who have time and again put their trust in us. At NewAgeSMB, we go above and beyond our call of duty to ensure that the apps we built live up to our client’s expectations if not exceed them. Our holistic approach to app development which takes into account multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make sure that your app can deliver everything it can, making use of its full potential.

Why NewAgeSMB is in a League of Its Own

NewAgeSMB, headquartered in Princeton, was established as a Web and mobile app development company developing the most secure, robust, and purpose-built apps for businesses. Over the years, we have built mobile apps that align with their brand values while providing a memorable user experience. Our design and development process is so intricate that the even minute design and functional elements are made to compliment your branding so that it communicates with the users. Above all, we stop at nothing to give you the results you want from the app we build for your business, and the testimonials of our clients are proof of this fact. Furthermore, the awards and recognition we have earned during our 25 years of service make us a thought-leader in the industry.

What You Stand to Gain by Hiring an Award-Winning App Development Company

  • 360° app development service, which includes analyzing, strategizing, designing, and developing the app to your vision.
  • In-depth analysis of your business and its unique requirements which addresses the pain-points of all parties using the app.
  • Platform agnostic app development ensures that the app works seamlessly in both Android as well as iOS platforms.
  • Enhanced reach and visibility of the app on its respective industry and target audience, leading to higher traffic and conversions.
  • Priority is given to the user experience to make it frictionless, enabling the app to provide a memorable user experience.


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