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App development can be intimidating for many reasons, especially when considering the complex process and deciding on the features that become the face of the app, making it popular among the customers. However, business owners in Pennsylvania who are planning to create an app can now sit back and relax as NewAgeSMB is at your service. More than two decades of expertise in app development has made us equipped with every bit of the skill and knowledge required for developing an app, irrespective of the industry.

We know how to make it simple

At NewAgeSMB our main aim is to make our clients feel comfortable from the moment they approach us with their idea. While understanding it from their point of view an analysis about the feasibility of the idea in terms of an app and its impact is also done from our side in a technical and professional way. The development process may therefore seem a bit laid back in the beginning. But our client’s trust is all that we need. Our team works on every nuance of the app like the aesthetics, analytics, technology and the platform where it needs to be deployed in order to get the optimum result out of the app, which is increased revenue generation and brand image. The main aspect we consider at every step of the development process is the client’s requirement. We never follow an agenda of portraying our talents to the world through our clients. NewAgeSMB follows strict policies when it comes to including the client’s requirements in the app.

Our success mantra

For example, after analyzing the client’s requirements and considering the target audience that the app will serve, we decide if the app should be launched on android or iOS platform. Cost of development is the factor that governs the same. Creating an app in iOS is expensive and beneficial for us however, our priority is our client and even if developing the same app in android platform may decrease our profit percent at that point, the relation that we develop with each client helps us build the customer base. This concern might not seem technical but has taken care of NewAgeSMB’s profit generation for many years and we believe we are still on the right path. Numerous awards and accolades that we have received from many internationally renowned firms is the testimony for the same. We therefore, understand that clients and a good image among them is more essential than counting only on the profit figures.

The apps that we have developed include:

Fitness apps

Location-based apps
for businesses

service apps

Customized apps
for businesses

Online food
delivery apps


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