Door Knocking App

Native iOS and web application for hassle free outdoor sales for a leading company in the US. This is an application that focuses on enhancing the door-door sales of the client while delivering a complete Customer relationship management on mobile phones.


When the client approached us, they were looking for an efficient tool that would help them to achieve sales goals in a much faster and effective way. They wanted a platform that would enable the sales managers to streamline their jobs and assign each region to the respective sales executive. The sales executives, on the other hand could also use the platform to locate the regions mapped for them and find out the houses in their assigned regions.


In order to come up with a fully functional application we had to overcome certain challenges that were hindering the developmental activities. Uploading the customer data on the map and viewing them was a tiring as well as time consuming task as there was too much data to store, manage and process for an app to acquire and display at the same time. Other small yet important constraints that needed to be addressed were making multiple user login available, avail sales territory mapping with digital area management and enabling profile switching between sales representatives’ and manager modes.

Features of the App

Our solutions were in the form of the following features that made the application more robust, thereby serving the purpose to the maximum leve
A DataGrid that enabled the client to receive the required data of every house they are planning to visit was added. The grid comprises information about the house owner, his/her income, whether the house is inhabited by the owner or a tenant, size of the house and the property in which it is situated and other details required by the company to promote its product.
As part of enhancing customer service and to build better relationship with them, digital contracts that allow paperless sales transactions was incorporated.
One of the most relevant features, Customer locator allows the sales representatives to track potential customer in an area.
Digital area management helps in managing sales areas with utmost precision and transparency.
Profile Switching is a feature that allows multiple users (managers, sales representatives) who sign into the application to switch between modes. While managers can switch between knocking and manager modes, a sales representative will only have access to knocking mode where he can see the customer data.
The application also has a support system that enables the managers as well as the sales executives to raise tickets if any problems arise while using the system.
A feedback System, exclusively for customers has also been incorporated. The feature helps to send bugs and other feedback to the admin to help them to make the app best it can be.

Technology Stack


  • Our choice of Technology Stack guaranteed that the application was ready for operation under all circumstances.
  • Programming Language Swift
  • Toolkit XCode 10
  • SDK ios 12
  • Services Accessibility Service


  • Programming Language Angular js
  • Toolkit VS Code
  • SDK Angular 7
  • Web Services Accessibility Service

The end results

Thorough testing and availability of various features that have been designed in mind the client requirement has resulted in a highly efficient application that works in both ios and web. While the client has been successful in increasing the door-to -door sale, therefore experiencing an increase in sales figure, the application has also the customers to raise their queries and get a solution in a stipulated time. This has clearly set up an excellent client-customer relationship.




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