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Palliative Wound Pro

Palliative Wound Pro is a hybrid medical educational mobile application that provides the users a complete insight of eight wound etiologies associated with palliative and hospice patients. The purpose of this app was to impart knowledge to students who are into providing palliative care. In addition to providing the images for the same as well the mode of treatment, the app also provides proper guidelines for documentation also. The app also has a web link for further details on pressure injuries, the most commonly occurring injuries among such patients. Even though complete recovery and wound healing of people who require palliative care cannot be assured by any mobile application, they can serve as tools that facilitate and make the process of providing help to these patients simpler. Palliative Wound Pro has various features that help healthcare practitioners and caregivers to improve the quality of palliative care that is being provided to the patients, thereby making a world of change in the lives of such people suffering from immense pain and trauma.


  • Creating an application that showcases data which is always readily available on the internet was a big challenge. Here are few challenges that we faced
  • Since the app contains a lot of medical data including surgical and wound imageries, we had to be more cautious about storing and displaying them in the best quality and resolution for which we opted for the Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Convincing the Apple and google app store teams about the source of data was a hideous task.

Features of the App

The detailed research by our team regarding the application in order to achieve the desired results culminated in including the following features in LeafAge for the drivers, riders as well as the admin.
Users get to see an overview of eight categories of wound etiologies that are commonly encountered in the palliative/hospice patient population and offer treatment options, documentation guidelines, case studies and other aspects that are required by medical practitioners and caregivers.
Admin Control Panel allows the client to add all categories of wounds and their details that need to get included in the app from time-time.

Technology Stack

Front end

  • Framework React Natie
  • Technology Javascript

Back end

  • Technology PHP
  • Framework Codeigniter
  • Database MySQL
  • Admin panel CodeIgniter


The application, Palliative Wound Pro works on both android and iOS devices. This, along with the vast information and data incorporated in it about palliative and hospice patients has appealed to the student population as well as common users. Although wound healing may not always be possible there are other noteworthy steps that we can do to decrease the suffering caused by wounds and improve the quality of life of palliative patients as well as the caregivers by imparting knowledge about these wounds.




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