09 May, 2017

15 Ways To Promote Your App For Free

Hard work pays, but so does smart work. App market is thriving today, yet many of us feel reluctant to try our hand at it despite having many potentially beneficial ideas. The reason for this is the restraint on our pockets. Unlike popular belief, app promotion will not cost you a penny if done smartly. Free promotion of apps is nothing new. It’s just a bit of smart work to put your app out there for potential customers to see, with the maximum use of available resources. The success of your promotion depends on identifying potential platforms to advertise your app. Customer acquisition through planned strategy is a wise idea. However, spending money to achieve the aim can put a damper on your profit. If you are well versed with the nuances of social media and internet, you can promote the app for free. Still confused? Here are some pointers to lead your way.


Building microsites or websites for app

A curtain raiser for your app in the form of an introductory website or microsite would be ideal to test the waters initially. You could take a note of Snapchat or Path marketing strategy to get it right with microsite. A teaser website with interesting content could take you a long way in promotion and marketing.

Blogs to lead the path

If you have exceptional blogging skills, this is going to be a very easy task which could do a lot of good for your app. If not, rope in a blogger and create a blog with attractive content to grab user attention.

Get the apps reviewed

A good app review can fetch you a lot of user attention. It is also good to keep track of reviews and comments regarding the app. be sure to resolve all or any of the negative reviews that might crop up during the process.

Utilise the social media advantage

Social media is actually a boon in situations such as these. Utilise the features of Facebook and Twitter for the giving an extra mileage to your promotional activities. Facebook groups and active discussions with like-minded people could contribute in familiarising the people about your app. You could also optimise your email signature with details of the app.

Offer a promotional discount

People always have a thing for discounts. So, it is wise to utilise it. Discounts increase the rate of impulse purchases, which increases the download rate and increase your popularity in app stores as well.
Some other recommended ways are:
  • Invest your sentiments for an eye-catching product video
  • A dose of press would be great, try to rope in a journalist
  • Try your hand at awards like The Mobileys, a win could fetch you lots of press
  • Use the three big local listing services
  • Pin images and other graphic contents of your app on Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube etc.
  • Facebook groups with members of similar tastes is an ideal platform for promotion
  • Utilize your email signature for app promotion
  • Never miss a platform to speak about your app
  • Utilize optimization features at app stores
  • Pitch in bloggers to write about your app
The goal of promotion is to spread the news of your app to ensure maximum download and use. There are many more creative ways to make your efforts worthwhile. However, don’t forget, nothing speaks as good as quality!


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