2020 App Design Trends, App Companies in NYC Need to Know

08 November, 2020

2020 App Design Trends, App Companies in NYC Need to Know

What is the first thing that the user notices when they open your app? It is the UI design of your app. It is the factor that makes the first impression on a user. As far as an app is concerned, the first impression can have a huge effect on your mobile app's success. App companies NYC need to realize the role of a good UI design in creating successful mobile apps.

What's even more pressing about the UI/UX of mobile apps is that they are constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends. So if app companies NYC don't want their mobile apps to get left behind in the highly competitive market, they need to be updated on the industry's latest design trends. So in this article, we discuss some of the best app design trends in 2020 so far that app companies NYC should focus on going forward.

  1. Enhanced Personalization: 2020 has been a year where users preferred having their in-app experiences personalized to fit their personas. A tailor-made UX has become somewhat essential for most apps. Thanks to AI and machine learning, you can make the otherwise complicated customization easy. Provide the users with content that the user has an interest in, and not bombarding them with random content/products can work wonders for your app.
  2. Rounded Corners: Rounded corners may seem insignificant at a glance, but when it comes to the UI/UX of an app, even something as nuanced as a rounded corner can make a world of difference. As you might have noticed, rounded corners are features seen in both Android and iOS flagships. The rounded corners in your app will integrate seamlessly with the rounded corner of the device too.
  3. Voice Assistant Feature: Almost all leading companies have already incorporated a voice assistant feature in their mobile apps. From Siri to Alexa to Google voice assistant and many more have made it inevitable for the new era's apps to come with voice assistant features. Most importantly, the voice assistant makes life easier for your users and attracts them to use your app more often.
  4. Password-less Login: 2020 is all about convenience, and the user no longer wishes to spend even seconds typing a password, especially if it is often used. This has paved the way for employing other security measures to be employed on mobile apps, including fingerprint and face-detection.
  5. Advanced Animation: In the past, not too long ago, app design meant animation that could attract and retain users. Today, years down the lane, the app's animation still holds a prominent app design role. Attractive animations are now employed not just inside the app but even for notifications from the app.
  6. Gradient 2.0: 2020 saw users favoring the gradient version of designs significantly more than we have ever seen. However, mere gradience is not good enough. You need to provide the user with a variety of options and maybe even provide them the ability to choose it themselves.
  7. Dark Themes: Dark themes are slowly but surely gaining more popularity every day. They come with a low-light UI enhancing dark surfaces. Not only do they reduce the eye strain of the users, but they also reduce the battery consumption to some level.
  8. AR/VR Capability: 2020 is the year AR/VR technology finally came into the mainstream. The application of augmented and virtual reality enabled users to better understand and enjoy apps in all segments such as media, travel, eCommerce, entertainment, science, mHealth, real estate, and even education.
  9. Attractive Illustrations: It was found that the user responds well to attractive and quality illustrations in 2020. Illustrations have the advantage of using multiple colors and conveying feelings in a much personal and empathic way to the users and thereby making it an effective strategy in 2020.
  10. Device-agnostic Experience: We can see a growing trend of people accessing the same app through multiple devices working on different operating systems. Therefore, it is important to enable your users to seamlessly access your app through multiple devices across various operating systems.

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