3 Things App Companies in New Jersey (NJ) should not Do

06 July, 2020

3 Things App Companies in New Jersey (NJ) should not Do

Mobile app development companies in NJ, New Jersey are probably doing their all-time best business for the past couple of years. Thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile apps among people so much these days even small businesses are opting to develop an app in order to sell their products and services and stay in proximity of the customer who has restrained to smartphones to carry out day-to-day activities. Having said that, one of the major aspects of mobile app development that is often overlooked are the don’ts that are associated with the process right from when the idea is conceived till the app is deployed. Mentioned below are few basic steps that the App companies of NJ need to keep in mind while developing apps.

Not Understanding the Client Base

The foremost thing, it is mandatory for an app developer to conduct through research and understand the feasibility of an app right before delving deep into the developmental process. Knowing the audience in order to develop a fully functional app is extremely important because in some of the cases there may not even be a need for an app. However, as an app developer it is their responsibility to find out the possibilities of developing an app in such a way that its impact takes the business to another level of success and gives it immense popularity. The customers these days are clear about their requirements and expect an excellent user experience and responsiveness from any app they use. The app developers need to understand this fact and implement different features in the app that will allow customers to communicate with them. Asking feedback and reviews constantly and including them in the app on a timely basis is the best way to understand and build the client base. This two- way communication is mandatory because it also ensures customer engagement and retention, which event most of the leading apps these days lack. App developers, while developing an app mostly concentrate on the technical aspects and on how to make the app look appealing. This may persuade a customer to download the app but then they might forget about it. It is estimated that customers might have used 60 % of the apps downloaded on their phones only once or twice. It is therefore wrong to assume that people will come back to the app just because it looks appealing or for any other feature. The only way to increase the retention level is by making the customers feel that the app is adding value to their day-to-day life, which will in turn persuade them to place the app in the home screen of their mobiles so that they can easily access it.

Lack of a Solid Marketing Plan

There is no doubt that mobile apps are the most efficient tool of marketing in the present scenario. The only reason why most of the businesses decide to develop a mobile app is to market their product among customers who spend most of their free time with their smartphones, browsing through different apps. Therefore, it would be a major flaw on the side of the developer if they don’t understand ‘how to market a marketing tool’, which will in turn take away from its real purpose. Most of the companies think that developing an app and publishing it in the app store is the end of the task and that the downloads will increase automatically. However, this is not the case. Don’t make it hard for the customers to find the app. The path to discover it from the app store should be provided on the website in a manner it gets noticed by every single person who visits the website. One of the easiest yet neglected methods to attract people towards the app are keywords, titles and even descriptions.

Not understanding the difference between a desktop and mobile experience

A mobile app should not be a truncated version of a business’s website, which just duplicates every feature available on the desktop version. On the contrary mobile apps should be more precise, easy to access and should give importance to user experience. The app companies of NJ should work on this aspect and come up with interesting ideas that will make their mobile app look more appealing while functioning efficiently.

App companies of NJ should understand that mobile applications are trending among the customers and therefore work on planning the entire process of developing the app so that it stands out as a marketing tool which attracts the most number of people.

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