6 App Development Trends in NJ, New Jersey

12 July, 2020

6 App Development Trends in NJ, New Jersey

Does the trend matter for app development in NJ? Smartphones and various applications that can be downloaded from the app stores have become an inevitable part of our lives these days. Especially because mobile apps have come a long way and there is at least one app for accomplishing almost every activity that we do on a day-to-day basis. Experts say that the extent to which the mobile app development industry has grown is directly proportional to the growing affinity of people towards smartphones and most of them having very less free time to spend otherwise. However, one of the main strengths and weaknesses of the mobile app development industry is that it needs to be open for constant updates and the app developers should be equipped enough to understand the trends and embrace them. Mentioned below are some trends that the app development companies in NJ can follow in order to stay in business and maintain their place among the top app developers of NJ.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), A Blessing for Mobile App Development

  The introduction of AMP by google has proved to be path breaking for the mobile app development industry as now there is a separate search index for the mobile web. This has in turn reduced the constraints of SEO and web app search index that were making the app development process hectic. Now, AMP supported pages load easily in mobile devices and therefore the number of users who download apps too has increased drastically.

  • Security will be given priority by App Developers

  Though it seems simple to achieve, apps that are able to keep hackers and cyber criminals completely out from accessing the data are very few. Despite being one of the major goals that every app developer wishes to achieve, security breaches are common. This can therefore be considered as a negative trend that will still be going on in the mobile app development industry.

  • AR and VR - A Facelift to App Development

  With more gaming, entertainment, educational and shopping apps being developed each day, Augmented reality and Virtual reality have become a crucial aspect in making apps look more realistic and for giving a better user experience.

  • Cloud Driven App Development Gains Attention

  A decade back no one would have even imagined the impact cloud technology is going to have on the development and popularity of mobile apps. In the present scenario almost, every app uses cloud technology and fetches the required data directly from the cloud, thereby using up minimum space in a phone’s internal memory. Reports suggest that in 2019 around 90 % of the total mobile data traffic was driven by cloud apps.

  • More Takers for Enterprising App Development

  The user-experience with mobile apps have become so refined and precise that many enterprises too are opting to collaborate on various group projects through apps. Unlike micro-apps that concentrate on a single task, enterprise apps are perfect for those who take up group tasks. Clearly it is the need of the hour as people are home-bound yet have to continue working.

  • M-Commerce App Development Takes Over

  Despite ensuring a secured payment gateway and encrypted data transmission a group of customers still find it intimidating to use mobile apps thinking that the providing their debit card/credit card details can prove to be dangerous. However, the trend has changed with more people switching to Google Pay and Apple pay where money can be transferred or payment made within minutes and also helps in tracking the transactions much more responsibly.

These are perhaps not ‘the only’ trends that app development companies in NJ can follow as trends keep on changing according to the customer likes and dislikes and market factors. However, these are definitely some of the basic ones that developers can follow.

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