A Guide to Create a Home Services App in Philadelphia

10 May, 2021

A Guide to Create a Home Services App in Philadelphia

It has been more than a year that a deadly pandemic has grappled the entire world, compelling people to stay at home. The implications of this trend, however, are many. While it has ensured the safety of people, businesses have also been hit hard. It is also not possible that people do not buy various items that are necessary for them or avail for services, especially to get their home functioning properly as the majority of the time is spent there. Takers of professional home services, which was once considered a luxury has also increased. This has in turn persuaded many businesses to create an app exclusively for them, which will help them stay connected to their customers.  On-demand services like home cleaning, maintenance, car washing, tuitions for kids, health check-ups etc can now be availed from the comforts of the home through apps. Experts say that businesses that want to create an app for home services in Philadelphia have increased ever since the pandemic. Mentioned below are certain services that can be incorporated while creating a home service app.

Home cleaning

Cleaning the house without any domestic help while working from home is not an easy task to accomplish. Here comes the role of house cleaning apps that help the customers to get in touch with professional cleaning services who can be hired to do the cleaning chores on a weekly basis. These days the cleaning services also provide various packages that include full house sanitization. Skilled workers complete the tasks within no time with the help of appropriate cleaning supplies and gadgets leaving the home crystal clear and creating an ambiance that helps the owner to work in a clutter free environment. The quality of cleaning is far better when compared to having a maid at home. Not to forget the salary that one must keep aside for domestic help.

 Home maintenance

Gone are those days when each locality had a plumber, electrician, AC mechanic or a person who could be called to fix defects in household items. Now, it is difficult to get a skilled mechanic. Apps that provide home can list service providers, which will help them get work and at the same time make it convenient for customers. Such apps can be used to ensure that the services are received in time and the charges too are with regards to the market rate. It also gives the customer an option to choose from the pool of skilled persons according to their requirements.


An app that helps parents to get in touch with teachers who are willing to take classes for their kids at home is the need of the hour. Kids are not able to go to school and sometimes online classes can also be not effective for different kids in the same way as the teacher is not able to give personal attention to a child. This will help the children to stay on track with the academics so that as and when the schools reopen they will not find it difficult to adjust. Such apps also prove useful for teachers as their means of livelihood remains unaffected.

Basic health checkup

Apps that help the users to get their basic health checkups done from home is beyond doubt a life saver, especially during pandemic. Senior citizens mostly find it difficult to go to a hospital every month and wait in long queues outside a doctor’s room just to get the routine check up done. On demand apps for the same can be well-equipped with features that allow users to book appointments with the physician according to the available slots. It is also easy for the doctor to maintain the database and prescribe medicines and tests accordingly.

There are several other home services that can be integrated into mobile applications, thereby helping the businesses to provide optimum service to the customers and increase the revenue generated. However, the apps should include features that allow the customers to keep a track on how the services are provided so that they can rate it and use the app on a regular basis.

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