Android 11: New Features App Developers in Pennsylvania should Know

25 October, 2020

Android 11: New Features App Developers in Pennsylvania should Know

After a long wait and various beta updates, Google has finally released the new Android 11 update and has already claimed it to be their greatest update yet. If you are someone who has already been using the beta version, then it is unlikely that you'll come across anything too surprising, but Android 11 is still a major update for those of you who weren't running the beta. App developers have been looking forward to this update for some time now.

The latest update was first available on selected Pixel phones, Realme, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi phones and will soon be available for the rest. Although there are no groundbreaking changes made to the platform, Android 11 does come with a few interface changes and a number of snappy features that are bound to make daily uses much refreshing. 

App developers should understand the new features available on the latest Android 11 to build apps that are up to date with current standards. Knowing the new features will enable app developers in Pennsylvania to build their apps to use these features to provide an optimal user experience. Let's look at some of the significant features that we'll get along with the new Android 11.

Currently, the update is available on selected Pixel phones, Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Realme Phones. The latest Android does not bring some drastic changes to the platform; however, you will find some interface changes and some new features providing significant daily enhancements when you update.

  1. Redesigned Music Player: The new music player enables the users to swipe down the notification bar and control the music controls along with the Bluetooth and WiFi tiles. This even functions with streaming videos cast to other screens. Apart from this, you also get to select the device on which the music plays and are accessible if or when you have multiple devices like Bluetooth speakers and earbuds connected to the device.

  2. Built-In Screen Recording: Android 11 finally gives Android a built-in screen recording capability for android users, and Google has made it a point to make it easy and fast. You are even provided with the ability to choose whether to use the mic or if you want to show touches on-screen, giving you superior flexibility. This means that the app developers create or update a screen recording app for Android; they must provide something more rewarding to the user.

  3. Bubble Support: Your Android now supports conversation bubbles similar to that seen on Facebook Messenger that you can move around and floats around when you minimize it. Developers need to update their application code if they intend to use this feature for their apps.

  4. Limited Permissions Enhancement: With Android 11, you now have even more control over your apps' security as it comes with enhancements on the limited permission capability. All you have to do is click press and hold the app icon, click permissions under app info, and then remove the permissions you want.
  5. Power Menu Device Control: Android 11 enables you to easily access and control smart devices connected to your mobile phone. All you have to do is long-press the power button, which takes you to the new menu, and you can control all connected devices from here.

  6. Enhanced Voice Access: Android 11 comes with far superior and enhanced voice access capability than its predecessor, with the ability to understand your commands and its context better. The self-learning capacity is at an all-time high for the new voice access.

  7. Google Play System Updates: With the new update, Google Play System comes with a more significant number of updatable modules. Google claims that it can enhance security, privacy, and consistency for developers and users.

Android 11 is an important update for app developers. Apart from the features mentioned above, it has numerous other features, including Pin Applications in the Share Menu, smarter suggestions for apps, the ability to keep the notification history,  prioritized conversations, improved 5G support, and more. App developers should consider the new changes brought in by Android 11 if they want to create superior mobile apps.

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