Android App Development with Kotlin – harbinger of the Future!

16 March, 2018

Android App Development with Kotlin – harbinger of the Future!


Kotlin is a novel, open source language that is the most for up to date and multiplatform application that is making history. Kotlin is based on JVM and has been introduced as the supported language for Android. Now, that is great news for developers involved in Android App Development. This statically typed programming language has been a ground-breaking discovery by JetBrains programmers from Russia and that is where the program got its name – the name of an island close to their dwelling place in Russia. Kotlin comes with high class Android Support Studio. In the annual Google I/O 2017, it had been declared as the first class language for Android. This has given a big future and prospect to the users of Kotlin, escalating almost multifold and Kotlin never had to look again back or struggle for its existence. Ever since then, there is an ever-increasing number of Android developers who are enjoying the Kotlin programming and creating the best Android apps with its assistance. Ranging from new startup companies to huge businesses, Kotlin developers are choosing Kotlin as their prime programming language, since they are finding it much easy to use, simple, productivity oriented and competent.

Android App Development

As we have seen that Android App Development has made companies go places, the association of Kotlin as the first programming language with Android is certain to bring in additional success and recognition all over the world. Kotlin support is now embedded into the IDE, available with the recent release of Android Studio 3.0 and has now found place in the official entry into the credentials list of Android.

Business institutions have been using Kotlin from a long time now and well known names like Pinterest, Square etc have become familiar with it. At the present even big giants like Google are supporting it, there is going to be a much bigger scope and spread for this fantastic programming language. It surely makes one wonder how it will contend with the two decade old programming language Java, which has dominating the world presently. Time will surely tell.

Why is Kotlin ever more Popular for Android App Development?

Kotlin is open source

Kotlin is offered as an open source project under Apache 2.0, similar to what Android is. Being open source is the very first characteristic that connects Kotlin with Android and makes certain that both grow in synchronization with one another.

Kotlin Offers Interoperability

Kotlin easily syncs well with its corresponding languages and thus makes it much more familiar and user friendly with the developers. Kotlin allows you to use its features without much modification or change in the current setup and therefore it becomes a lot easier for developers to go on with their projects with Kotlin embedded in.

Kotlin needs lesser Coding Efforts

Kotlin has been designed in a way that it needs lesser coding efforts as compared to languages like Java. Thus Kotlin has become the favorite language of developers and hence very well accepted by the developer community.

Kotlin is Free

Kotlin is open source and hence it is free, there is no need to bear extra cost for it. It is simple, just install and you are free to convert existing files into Kotlin with the convertor tool. It saves a lot of time and trouble and reduces your development lifecycle.


From the time when Kotlin has penetrated the IT scenario, developers are excited to be working on it for Android App Development. Hitherto there is no indication that Java Application Development is on the decline, it has always dominated the scene and is the master of all programming languages. As there is evolution of new technologies there remains a challenge for old ones to face new challenges as the new programs will always offer new features. But the question is will Kotlin be able to topple Java and take over the globe? Who knows only time can tell.

There are some features that Java has and Kotlin does not possess and there are some features that Kotlin possesses and Java does not. There is no way we can guess which can have a sway over the other. We can only wait until the technological world uses both of them in a parallel way.


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