App Builders in FL Must Consider these Core Insurance App Features

19 September, 2022

App Builders in FL Must Consider these Core Insurance App Features

Building an app in Florida is not easy, nor is making an insurance app. Now, imagine how challenging it is to do both simultaneously. Below, we discuss the essential features to include in an insurance app so that it can meet the customers' requirements effortlessly.


One of the essential features to include in your insurance app is the user profile. The profile in an insurance app provides the user with information regarding their insured person or object. For instance, a car insurance app shows the vehicle's report and the owner's basic information. 

Policy details

Allow the user to access their policy details from your insurance app. Even if you provide the customer with a printed insurance policy, the user should be free to access its digital verison through the app.

Search Or Find a Policy

Another essential feature to include in an insurance app is research or find a policy feature. Ideally, the plan should be able to find the desired policy depending on specific parameters. Furthermore, it would be best to include a filter option to help the clients find their desired policy faster. 

  • Income
  • Health
  • Property 
  • Family members
  • Etc.


Applying for a policy requires active participation from the clients. You can encourage this participation by listing your different policy schemes with quotes. It helps the customers to analyze their policy options better and make informed decisions.

Claim Filing 

Another core insurance app feature that app builders should consider is the ability to file a claim. It is one of the primary reasons why people download an insurance app. Ensure the insurance filing process is easy and fast. 

You can even consider using prompts to make the whole process much faster and more convenient for the user. You should also ensure the user can all the necessary information for the claim and even allow the user to take photos from the app. 

Payment Processing

Payment processing is another crucial aspect that app builders in Florida must consider before developing an insurance app. Your client can save a lot of time when you integrate payment into your insurance app. It allows the user to make instant payments through the phone and ensure that their insurance payment is always up to date.

Customer Support

Customer support is not something insurance app builders in Florida can ignore when creating a new insurance app. Make sure to recommend a 24 seven customer support via integrated chat support. However, don't assume chat support alone is sufficient. Allow the customer to contact your insurance company through different channels, including phone.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to convey a message to your customers. You can use it for everything from standard communications to marketing campaigns. Also, you can use it to send payment reminders for existing policies and much more. 


Another advanced feature to consider for your insurance app is Chatbot. It can provide answers to simple queries of the customers, and they always have someplace to turn to. With the help of AI, you can enhance operations like identity verification, help prevent fraud, and much more.

Document Upload

Allowing the customer to upload necessary documents and photos for insurance processing and claiming is a vital feature of an insurance app.

Agent App

The insurance app is incomplete without an agent app to complement it. Listed below are the essential features to include in the agent app to help you better serve your customers.

  • Sign up/Sign in
  • Agent profile
  • Policy list
  • Quotes
  • Push notifications

Admin Panel

Another vital aspect of your insurance app is the admin panel. It is the command centre from where you can manage your whole online insurance business. You can monitor your staff, against, and even customers from this single point. However, insurance businesses deal with a lot of sensitive information. Hence, you must invest in advanced security solutions to enhance your security.


As long as an insurance app has all the core features mentioned above, it can efficiently serve your customer's needs. However, with the tight competition we have today, you must make the extra effort. Hiring an app development expert like NewAgeSMB sets up your insurance app with the latest features and capabilities.

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