App Builders in Maryland Must Consider these Flower Delivery App Features

21 June, 2022

App Builders in Maryland Must Consider these Flower Delivery App Features

The features you need to incorporate in your flower delivery app come in four sections. Why? It is because a flower delivery app is an on-demand service that requires four different components to work harmoniously with each other. These four components include
  • The Customer App
  • The Vendor App
  • The Driver App
  • The Admin Panel

Customer App Features

The customer app features you should include in your flower delivery app are as follows.

Scheduled Delivery

On-time delivery is a non-negotiable in the flower industry. No one wants to order a flower online and find that they received a batch of flowers that’s not fresh. Hence, app builders must ensure that the app supports scheduled delivery and always stick to the schedule. 

Location-Based Recommendations 

The user should be able to filter or search for flower shops nearby. Use advanced geolocation features to automatically get the user’s location to streamline the user experience.  

Personalized Notes 

One of the best features you can offer your customers is the ability to add a personalized note for their loved ones. You may also want to try providing handwritten gift notes along with the flowers.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is another feature app builders in Maryland should consider for a flower delivery app. Use GPS technology to let the customer track their order and also provide an ETA for deliveries. 

Flexible Payment Options

Multiple payment integration must be a priority for flower delivery app builders in Maryland. Ensure your customers have fast and hassle-free payment options, including card payments, online payments, mobile wallets, and COD.

Discounts, Offers, And Loyalty Programs

Give your customers discounts, offers, and loyalty programs and notify them about the ongoing offers. You may consider using blockchain loyalty programs to retain your existing customers.

Order History

Your flower delivery should have an order section from where the customers view and access the details of their orders. The user should be free to access past and exiting orders from this section.

Tipping The Driver

Facilitate a feature in your flower delivery app that lets your customer tip the driver making the flower delivery.

Vendor App Features

The vendor app features you should include in your flower delivery app are as follows.

Product Details And Description

The vendor should be able to aptly describe their flowers and plant-based product so that the customer knows what they are buying. It also includes providing high-quality images and videos of the flowers. 

Multi-Drop Deliveries

It is a feature that allows your drivers to deliver multiple orders in a single go efficiently. It saves you valuable time and resources and ensures on-time delivery of orders. 

Select Preferred Areas

Allowing the vendors to select their preferred area for flower delivery enables them to deliver fresh flowers within a specific area. It also ensures an optimum deliverability rate for your flower delivery business.

Pending Orders Notification And Broadcasting

The app must inform your vendors if there are pending orders according to your scheduled delivery. Your vendor should also be able to reassign the delivery person if necessary. 

Faster Payout Option

Ensure that your vendors have the option for faster payouts for the drivers via mobile wallets and other online payment channels.

Driver App Features 

The driver app features you should include in your flower delivery app are as follows.

Multiple Order Acceptance

Allow your drivers to accept multiple orders at once. It will allow the driver to take orders based on location and make deliveries more efficient.

Delivery List And Order Confirmation

The driver must be free to access their scheduled deliveries, including the customer details and order value. Furthermore, the order confirmation will let the driver confirm their deliveries.

Communication Options

Facilitate communication options that let the drivers get in touch with the customers, including chat and call capabilities. 

In-App Payment Options

You can enable the drivers to collect their payments quickly through in-app payment options through a reliable online payment method.

Admin Panel Features

The list of must-have features for your flower delivery app is incomplete without the admin panel. The admin panel controls and manages all the apps listed above, and its main features are as follows.

  • Order management.
  • Route management.
  • Vendor management.
  • Order tracking.
  • Payment settlements.
  • Analytical reports.

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