App Companies in Maryland Should Know to Patent a Mobile App Idea

03 November, 2020

App Companies in Maryland Should Know to Patent a Mobile App Idea

Mobile apps are all the hype today, and new ones keep dropping in almost every day. All it takes is a good idea for the app and a skilled developer. But is that really all it takes to create an app? Well, the short answer would be no. If you have an exclusive idea for an app with high potential, then there is always the chance that someone might steal that idea. 

App companies need to ensure that their apps can remain unique if they don’t want someone else to make an app just like yours or maybe even better than yours. This is where the intellectual property law can come in and save the day for you. When it comes to mobile apps, patent, trademark, and copyright laws are the one’s app companies can use to protect their app idea from idea theft. 

App companies need to start patenting their ideas if they want to keep their competition from stealing your potential app idea or app itself. Although patenting can help you protect your app idea, there are specific qualifications required, like the said idea has to be new and completely exclusive. There is no point patenting an idea that is already out there in the market.

Now, provided that you do have a fresh idea, how do you go about patenting it? In this article, we discuss just that.
  1. Discover and Register with a Patent Lawyer: Getting your patent is not as easy as it sounds. There are various challenges involved in maximizing your patent application scope, and to get it done right, you need to consult with an expert. Your best course of action would be to register with a patent lawyer with a demonstrated history of software patenting. By the end of the day, applying for a patent is, in fact, a legal procedure, which means that it may also involve litigation. And the last thing you want to do is to mess it all up by trying to do it yourself. Although the investment in hiring an expert lawyer may be a factor that may hold you back, it is wise to remember that it is a necessary expense.
  2. Disclose Your Mobile App Invention: Just because you came up with a brilliant or even revolutionary idea does not mean that you can immediately get a patent for it. There is a due process, and to substantiate your claim over the idea, you need to bring that idea into life. Therefore, it is ideal for creating a prototype of your app that can be presented to the concerned authority if necessary.
  3. Research on Patent: Although it is advised that you employ a professional to handle your app patent process, it is also in your best interest to research and study up on the patent yourself. This can help you avoid any unexpected breach from your competitors. Furthermore, it can aid you in the process of obtaining a patent for your app idea.
  4. File a Provisional or Non-Provisional Patent Application: A provisional patent application can be called a lazy patent as it does not require you to have a formal patent claim, declaration, or even a data disclosure statement. However, you’d still enjoy perks such as the ability to use the term ‘Patent Pending’ on an app, 12 months for creating MVP, and more plus, it is a lot cheaper too.  A non-provisional application should be backed by a total claim and specifications, along with a written description of the app. However, deciding which of the two you need for your app takes multiple factors into account, such as the urgency for a patent and how long the delay needs to be to delay the patent expenses.
  5. Submit Your Patent Application: The final step to getting a patent for your mobile app is the actual submission of your patent application. Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, you need to file the patent application with the USPTO. Although the procedure is troublesome and involves a lot of paperwork, it is advisable that you follow through with it.

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