App Companies in New Jersey Must Consider These Marketplace App Features

20 May, 2022

App Companies in New Jersey Must Consider These Marketplace App Features

Having the right features for your marketplace app can make a world of difference. The essential elements of a marketplace app are split between the buyers and sellers that use the app. Below we list the crucial features for the buyers and sellers that use your marketplace app.

Features For The Seller 

Sign Up 

The primary feature that every marketplace app needs to have for its sellers is a sign-up because they can not sell their products and services anonymously. The length and nature of the sign-up process can vary based on the products or services you want to sell. 

Sometimes all the seller needs are the name and email address to sign up on a marketplace app. But such a system only works for everyone sells to everyone kind of marketplaces. Other marketplace apps may require a more strict sign-up process requiring additional seller details and credentials.


The dashboard is the home screen the seller sees as soon as they sign in to your marketplace app. App companies must make the dashboard so that the seller can review all their primary data there.

The information accessible from the dashboard includes existing and past orders, conversations with the customers, reviews, and ratings. It can even contain statistics regarding their business and its sales. In other words, the dashboard should have all the capability to sell their products and assess their business.


The orders section for your sellers must have two subsections - 
  • Completed Orders - for ongoing orders.
  • Open Orders - for delivered or completed orders.
Additionally, app companies in New Jersey must ensure that these sections give details such as the product/service, price, customer's comment, etc. Apart from this, it can also contain specific information such as the buyers' shipping address and their geolocation.


The chat feature is another must-have feature for the sellers in your marketplace app. Unlike social media chat options, this one is pretty basic and professional. Hence, you don't need options like video chat, gifs, etc., in the conversation. A primary chat option that lets the seller communicate with their customers is enough for your marketplace app.

Features For The Buyer

Easy Sign Up

The sign-up feature is essential for the buyer too. However, the sign-up process is much more convenient for buyers. All you need is the customer's basic details, and there is often some reward for new sign-ups. 

The social media sign-up option is a must for customer sign-up. In addition to that, you can also consider implementing features like guest checkout, auto-suggesting/auto-completing features, and passwordless sign-ups.

Advanced Search Option

Marketplace app companies in New Jersey always ensure advanced search features with robust sorting and filtering capability. The search option is an essential yet crucial feature for your marketplace app. 

It helps the user find the product they are looking for faster. It would be best to consider adding features like auto-suggestion that works based on the user's history and popular search trends. 

Product/Service Screen

The product/service screen for a marketplace app can vary significantly based on what you are selling. Ensure that your product/service screen has clear HD photos and comprehensive information on what you are selling. 

It includes details such as the product's size, material, and price. Furthermore, all the products must be categorized so that the customer can easily browse for the items they are looking for.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway integration is another crucial aspect of your marketplace app for buyers. Use highly secure payment options on your app to protect the buyer from any fraud. Furthermore, offer different payment options such as card payment, mobile wallets, and even COD for better convenience for the buyer.


As we explained earlier, the chat option is essential for the buyers too. It facilitates a direct communication channel between the buyer and the seller. It is one of the most valuable features in a marketplace app, and you should never skip it.

Push Notification

The push notification is a nifty feature that you can use to keep your user well informed about their purchases and live offers in your app. It is also a great way to market your business to customers.

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