App Companies in PA, Pennsylvania should Know these App Design Trends

21 August, 2020

App Companies in PA, Pennsylvania should Know these App Design Trends

An application’s purpose starts not only from its functionality but right from the time a user decides to open it”. This statement should be placed in the minds of every app designer in Pennsylvania. In 2020, the appearance of an application should be given greater importance due to the vast amount of integration possibilities available. Eye-catching factors of an application are also something that the users always look forward to. While developing an app, App companies in Pennsylvania should concentrate on the latest app design trends that can be implemented in their applications. 

Here are a few of the latest App design trends:

Advanced Animations for Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions can be defined as moments where the UI/UX interface interacts with the user. They can be small design elements that create such micro-interactions. Micro-interactions are vital as it creates a virtual interacting experience between the user and the application. With respect to the age demographics of the province, App companies in Pennsylvania should prioritize micro-interactions in their app design process.

Micro-interactions are usually implemented with the help of animated illustrations as it builds a responsive nature to the application apart from its functionalities. It can be as small as the submit button being another colour when the form is filled, the contents fading out as you scroll or hovering of emoticons as you touch and slide among them.

Integration of Virtual and Augmented Realities

As mentioned earlier, the possibilities of integrations in an application are endless. When it comes to the latest trends, Virtual and Augmented Realities are the new hot cakes in town. In simple words, virtual realities are interactions of users to the application in a computer-generated environment. Augmented realities are the integration of computer-generated objects (in the form of text, images, or graphical content) and real-world environments.

AR and VR can be utilized for enhancing user experience. These can also be used to enhance the existing functionalities of an application. With broadcasting, educational services, and e-commerce being the major industries in the state, App companies in Pennsylvania should step up their app designing strategies by integrating augmented and virtual realities. From a furniture store’s cart application to the children’s educational application AR & VR features play an investable role in today’s world.

IoT Integrations

IoT creates a network amongst devices to interchange information. It exchanges data and information and also understands what other devices are doing. IoT integrations are very useful in mobile applications as it reduces the need for physical human presence. IoT devices are getting into the market in a heavy push, especially in the field of healthcare, automobiles, industrial, and domestic automation. Which makes it necessary for App developers in Pennsylvania to build an IoT integration in the application’s design as it opens up a new window of possibility for the users and the companies who sell such automatable products.

Personalization Features 

Personalization features are where an application treats users like individuals, that is, applications let users adjust its appearance according to their preferences. It provides a better user experience, and users tend to get a feeling of using an application that is personalized for themselves.

Personalization features can be an alternative to another trend (font and typography preferences). Fonts also play a vital role while reading or going through content, for making it easier for reading large textual contents while scrolling through them it is necessary for designers to choose appropriate fonts. Users prefer applications where they can set their own fonts. With personalization features, designers are letting customers create their own experiences. In terms of applications in media, playlist creation can be taken as an example.

If it’s a province where days are longer than nights, it is more than important for applications to have themes that are night friendly. Hence, App developers in Pennsylvania should look into creating theme variations in their application. Dark modes aren’t just night friendly themes they also save a ton of battery! Yes, dark themes use comparatively less backlight hence it requires very less battery. While using the phone in a surrounding where there is excessive lighting, dark modes are found very useful.

In conclusion, an application’s ideal design will be a compilation of the above-mentioned factors and also some other features like voice recognition, 3D illustrations, etc. But it should complement the entire aesthetic outlook of an application. Keeping the trends in mind, users shouldn’t find themselves using a complicated application. The basic building block of an ideal application is to keep the Basic UI/UX interface and contents simple and hassle-free.

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