App Companies in Philly Must Consider these On-Demand Lawn Mowing App Features

17 November, 2021

App Companies in Philly Must Consider these On-Demand Lawn Mowing App Features

Mobile apps have made life easier for all of us, and we all continue to benefit from them every day. The success of mobile apps for on-demand services is a prime example of how deep-rooted mobile apps have become in our day-to-day lives.

Hence, it's no wonder that app companies in Philadelphia have now shifted their attention towards on-demand lawn apps. Lawn app companies in Philadelphia offer greater flexibility to their customers and make customer convenience a priority.

But, how can you ensure that the app companies get the right features for your lawn app? Well, worry no more because we will list all the significant features app companies need to consider for building a user-friendly, easy-to-use on-demand lawn app.

Desirable Features in an On-Demand Lawn App

As with most on-demand apps, you need to consider three main components or panels in a lawn app.

  • The User Panel
  • Lawn Mowing Person Panel
  • Admin Panel
The features on an on-demand lawn app should be evenly distributed among the three panels to ensure a consistent and enjoyable user experience.

Features To Include In The User Panel

The user panel is perhaps the most crucial part of your on-demand lawn app as the user directly interacts with it. Some of the features you should consider including in the user panel include the following.


You must ensure that the user can sign in to the app using their email or social media accounts.

Choose The Mowing Person

The customer should have the flexibility to choose the desired mowing person based on their location or experience.

Request a Mowing Service

If you offer different types of mowing services, the customer should choose one and place a request for the same.

Book/Confirm Requests

Ensure that the app enables the user to quickly book a lawn mowing service and confirm the booking's timing, price, and all other necessary details. 

Different Payment Methods 

Integrate all major payment gateways to your lawn app. Ensure that the user can easily make payments through whichever method is most convenient for them, including card payments, mobile wallets and cash payments.

Order History

Your customers should be able to access their order history. It should allow the user to make new requests based on previous ones and conveniently choose the mowing person for the job.

Ratings And Feedbacks

Allow the user to submit their ratings and feedback on the services they received. The customer should be able to provide a rating for the individual mowing person and provide feedback.

Features To Include In The Lawn Mowing Person Panel

The lawn mowing person also needs to have an app that lets them know about mowing requirements in the area. The features you need to include in a lawn mowing person panel is pretty simple and somewhat similar to the user panel.

The lawn mowing person should register themselves on the app and log in to it using the credentials given by the admin. They should also be able to accept or reject mowing service requests from customers via the panel.

Apart from this, the lawn mowing person panel should accommodate the status update feature and the capability to manage their availability. Finally, the app should also allow the person to receive payments and view their order history.

Features To Include In The Admin Panel

The admin panel includes mostly features that enable you to manage your lawn mowing business. As you can guess, the admin panel should be accessible only for managerial positions. It should be equipped with high-security features such as OTPs.

The admin should manage the dashboard where they can view all orders and get their details. Apart from this, a well-equipped admin panel should have features that enable the admin to manage the following aspects.

  • Users and cleaners
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Services
  • Payments


On-demand lawn apps have excellent growth potential. However, with increasing competition in the field, you must serve your customers more holistically with convenient features. 

The features stated in this article can help you in creating a user-friendly experience for your customers. However, you'd still need the help of an expert developer like NewAgeSmb to execute these plans.

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