App Creators Must Consider These Essential Location Based App Features

12 April, 2022

App Creators Must Consider These Essential Location Based App Features

Location-based apps often offer advanced capabilities to make user interaction much easier for your business. Here we list out some of the features app creators must consider when developing a location-based app.

Real-Time Location Tracking 

Determining the user's location is vital for any location-based app. It allows your app to recommend the nearest store, provide on-demand services, and more. Apps like Uber are a perfect example of how crucial real-time location is for users.

Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development have their native tools. Google Location API works best for Android, whereas Apple Core Location API works best for iOS apps. When it comes to cross-platform app development, the Cordova geolocation plugin is the ideal choice.

The APIs use the data collected from GPS, Cell ID, and even WiFI networks for determining the precise location of users. 

A Detailed And Accurate Map

App creators must always incorporate a detailed and accurate map in their location-based apps. The map you feature in the location-based app should provide the user's current location.

The most popular choice for implementing a map for mobile apps is the Google Maps API. App creators in Florida can have an accurate map feature in their mobile apps with the help of Google Maps API. 

However, there are other options, such as Open Streets API and Mapbox API.

Places Feature 

Location-based app creators in Florida must ensure that their app is equipped with a "places" feature. The "places" can change depending on the mobile app's industry vertical. For example, a mobile app made for the food and hospitality industry will have cafes, restaurants, and hotels as places.

Each place must have at least basic information, including an accurate address, contact details, and visitors' reviews. Additionally, you can also implement advanced features like street view, such as the one you can see on Foursquare.

Advanced Navigation

At this point, we already have an accurate map with the business locations marked as places. The only thing left to do now is to navigate to that location. The navigation part works both ways, as sometimes people drive to the store, and other times the on-demand service provider needs navigation to the suer's location.

It provides the user with a detailed route regardless of whether they want to walk or takes a cab, or even cycle to the location. Two of the best tools for accurate map navigation are Google Maps Directions API and Google Distance Matrix API.

Travel Time Estimation

Estimated arrival time is a feature that allocation-based apps should have. It enables the user to understand how much time is needed till their cab arrives or how long it will take them to drive to the nearest store, and so on.

For predicting the ETA, the locations-based app need to be able to:
  • Track the accurate location of the user.
  • Check road traffic conditions.
  • Calculate the approximate speed.
  • Analyze the distance to the destination.
  • Automatically detect queues, traffic jams, etc.

Cyber Security 

Cyber security is crucial for a location-based app. All successful location-based apps come with in-app payment features. Furthermore, the technology in location-based apps requires identifying the device's geographical location.

Remember that the GPS location is the same tech that allows you to post your exact location on social media and other apps. Even games enable the user to tell where they are. It can be used for spying, stalking, and even theft. Hence, businesses that want to develop a mobile app must invest in cyber security. 

Want to know more about cyber security and its benefits? Check out " Why Is Cybersecurity Important: Benefits, Methods, and Tools to Safeguard Your Business"

Ratings And Reviews 

Every mobile app needs to have ratings and reviews for the product or service they sell. If you are running an on-demand service like Uber, you need to have individual reviews for the drivers. The same goes for the delivery people from apps like food delivery.


Location-based apps are fast gaining popularity. A user-friendly and accurate location-based app can make life easy and convenient for the user. With the help of an app development expert like NewAgeSMB, you can ensure advanced features and optimal results for your location-based apps.  

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