App Developers in MD Should Consider These Features for Gas Delivery App

11 February, 2022

App Developers in MD Should Consider These Features for Gas Delivery App

The on-demand gas delivery app mainly consists of three parts, the customer app, the driver app, and the admin app. Below we discuss the major features you need to include in each of the three components of your gas delivery app.

Admin App Features 

Admin app is a vital aspect of a gas delivery app. It allows the admin to manage the different aspects of your gas delivery app, including drivers, customers, vendors, and even fuel types. Some of the best features of the admin app include the following:

Admin Dashboard It allows the business owner to view all essential information about their gas delivery business. The admin can view information such as gas delivery requests from customers, availability of drivers, and much more. You can also view vendor details, including the cooking gas distribution per vendor.

Real-Time Tracking Of Orders The admin can use the dashboard for tracking their orders or drivers in real-time. It means the admin app can use GPS capability to determine the driver's location at any point of time during the delivery. 

Analytics On Business Performance App developers should make it a point to set up gas delivery apps with performance analytics features. It enables businesses to track essential data concerning their business, such as income, expenses, driver earnings, and reviews/ratings of drivers.

Product Management The admin app also gives business managers access to product management tools. You can add or delete products as per your business requirement. 

Access Transaction Details The admin or business owner can access all transaction details from their end through the admin app. It includes a detailed summary of transactions, reports on received payments, and pay dues.

Promo Code Management Gas delivery app developers in Maryland should equip the admin app with a promo code management feature. It enables the business owner to offer promo codes to their customers after completing a transaction.

Driver App Features

The driver app is another integral part of your gas delivery app. It should be designed so that drivers can easily use it. Some of the essential features to include in the driver app are as follows.

In-App Navigation The in-app navigation feature should also show the ETA to the driver to plan their route accordingly.

Manage Availability Status The driver app should allow the driver to update their availability status to the admin. It means the driver can decide whether or not they want to make a delivery to a specific area.

Order History The driver app should consist of an order history page form where the drivers can check out the details of all their past deliveries. It should include the date, time, address, payment mode, etc.

Driver Ratings The drivers should also have access to the customers' ratings through the driver app. It should also allow drivers to read their customer reviews.

Customer App Features

The customer app is arguably the most crucial aspect of your gas delivery app because it is where your customer interacts with your business. 

Instant Ordering Allow your customers to instantly order gas on your app without a lengthy ordering process. Ensure that the ordering process inside the app is kept simple, minimalistic, and without long processes such as filing the address on every order.

Live-Tracking Of Drivers Provide the user with the capability to track the drivers in real-time. This feature is a must for any on-demand app as it lets customers get end-to-end information about their orders.

Select The Brand & Size The customer should have the freedom to choose the brand and size of the gas cylinders they wish to buy.

Scheduled Delivery Equip your gas delivery app with the capability to schedule the delivery of the gas cylinders at a time of their convenience.

Diverse Payment Methods Make sure your gas delivery app supports different modes of payment, including card payments, mobile wallets, cash payments, etc.


The on-demand gas delivery app requires advanced features and enhanced capabilities to serve its customers. Ensuring these features and capabilities is crucial in determining the success of your gas delivery app. A well-experienced and reliable app development partner like NewAgeMB can help you build an app that meets all your requirements.

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