App Developers in Philly, Philadelphia, Be Prepared for iOS 14

12 October, 2020

App Developers in Philly, Philadelphia, Be Prepared for iOS 14

Apple just launched the latest version of iOS 14, one of the most awaited updates in 2020. iOS 14 comes with some intriguing features, to say the least. As always, Apple has come up with innovative ideas that make the app experience on the new OS immersive, easy, and of course, secure. One notable point about the latest update is that Apple has made changes that would affect how advertisers can target the users. iOS is one of the most sought-after mobile OS out there, and app developers in Philadelphia need to ensure that they are up to speed with the update.

The iOS 14 comes with a bunch of new and exciting features, and you must understand them so that your apps can be optimized to provide a user experience in par with the OS. Some of the noteworthy features in iOS 14 include a home screen with an app library, widgets with new sizes that show more information, a picture-in-picture mode that enables you to navigate away while you facetime or play a video. Then there are the substantial tweaks to the privacy policy for more, Apple Arcade update, and many more.

The iOS 14 demands that you update your app with major changes, which include making your app UI ready for dark mode. Furthermore, app developers in Philadelphia also need to ensure that their apps are capable of applying scene delegate and modal presentation. It is inevitable for you to update your apps for iOS 14 unless you want to get left behind on the race in one of the most competitive markets in the world. This article will provide you insights into how app developers Philadelphia can prepare their apps for the new iOS 14.

  • Present IDFA Review:  Advertisements have become an integral part of mobile apps, including the ones in Apple Store. With the new changes in the ad policies, app developers must conduct a complete internal review of the present IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) usage. There are a few things that, as an app developer, you need to pay attention to accomplish this. It includes analyzing the SDKs which are calling the IDFA to make sure whether the SDK providers have a solution for IDFA requests. Furthermore, you also need to create and launch a version of your app with the updated SDKs.

  • Prepare for Consent: User content is vital for your app in the new iOS 14, and gaining it should be given priority if you intend your app to be successful at all. A high consent rate can give you a tremendous upper hand over your competition, so try to get the users to opt-in and enable yourself to return to the pre-update stage. And perhaps this could also be the ideal time for you to get on the activity too. What you can do at this stage includes testing your user content mechanics for the existing as well as new users on various apps.  Ensure that you run multiple designs and content iterations of the pop-up so that you can make an informed decision. A more advanced practice you could employ is A/B testing your app to figure out when to trigger the pop-up. Ideally, it’d be best to time it once the user has completed a particular app activity. It is always better to opt for an internal prompt in place of Apple’s pop up. And when the user answers “yes” to it, the internal prompt can then deep link them in the settings menu and enable tracking.

  • Reconsider the BI Stack:  Your BI or Business Intelligence Stack should be able to adapt to both consent and non-consent situations. Make sure that you look into the datasets that are linked together for analytics. Once you’ve done that, you can then figure out a way to put them together. Although the apps working without IDFA are capable of placing contextual ads, they will not be able to use personalized ads. In the event of an ad revenue drop, It is always better to run multiple scenario analyses of your plans to get the optimum results.

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