App Developers Should Consider These Features for Fuel Delivery App in Philadelphia

25 October, 2021

App Developers Should Consider These Features for Fuel Delivery App in Philadelphia

On-demand apps like Uber and Lyft have forever changed how we function as a society. Everything you want, from food to a ride to take you to the airport, can now be accessed through a mobile app. Fuel delivery is relatively new to the on-demand mobile app business.

However, on-demand fuel delivery apps are fast gaining popularity in all parts of the US, including Philadelphia. Due to the rising popularity of on-demand fuel delivery apps, businesses are now scrambling to find the right app developers.

Fuel delivery app developers in Philadelphia are not easy to find because it is a relatively new niche. However, there are a few features that the app developers should include in their fuel delivery app to ensure the total functionality of the fuel delivery business.

Desirable Features in an On-Demand Fuel App

The on-demand fuel delivery app works based on three distinct users. It includes the customer who wants to buy fuel, the driver who makes the fuel delivery, and finally, the administrator who manages the business from the backend. 

Features to Include in Customer App

Sign Up/Login

An on-demand fuel delivery app for the customers should have a quick and easy registration process. Ensure the convenience of your customers by enabling them to sign up on your fuel delivery app using their email or social media profiles. 

Buy Fuel Online

The primary purpose of the in-demand fuel delivery app for the customer is to buy fuel online. The customer must choose the form and quantity of the fuel they want to buy. Furthermore, the customer must be able to set the delivery location on the app.


The customer app for fuel delivery should display the different pricing for the different types of fuel. Furthermore, the pricing must automatically change based on the fuel form and quantity selected by the customer.

Payment Integrations

Enable flexible payment options for your customers through advanced payment integrations. Provide multiple payment options for customers, including debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, online banking, and cash on delivery.

Real-Time Tracking 

Real-time tracking is another essential feature of a fuel delivery app. The customer must be able to track the fuel distribution order. This is similar to tracking on a food delivery app. The tracking must also include details like the driver's name and their real-time location. 

Features to Include in the Driver App

Sign Up/Login

Similar to the customer app, the driver app should also include an easy sign-up/login feature.

Activity Status

The driver must be able to update their availability status. This way, they can switch between working mode availability status and take up deliveries only if they can.

Table of Contents 

The driver's app should have a table of content on their app's dashboard and must contain various order details. This includes past orders, completed deliveries, and so on.

Real-Time Features

Certain features such as accepting/rejecting orders and order tracking must be carried out in real-time. The driver's app must be equipped to handle such real-time features.

Access Customer Details 

The driver's app should give the drivers access to customer data such as their name, phone number, and location to accept or reject orders. 

Features to Include in the Control Panel for Administrator

Sign in

Enable the safe and secure sign-in for the administrator. You should also consider additional security features like OTP for administrator access.

Access Insights

The administrator must use their control panel to access advanced insights such as total number of drivers, petrol tankers, total customers etc. 

Manage Fuel Tankers, Driver, and Customers

The administrator must be able to manage all aspects of the business using the control panel. This includes managing the drivers and monitoring their real-time positions, managing customer data, and so on.


Fuel delivery apps are relatively new, and becoming an expert in fuel delivery app development may seem hard. 

However, you can easily create sustainable fuel delivery apps as long as you have proper planning and expertise in app development. 

Using the right guidelines and the help of an app development expert like NewAgeSmb, you can create sustainable fuel delivery apps that can thrive in the market.

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