App Development in NJ: Impacts of Cloud Computing

23 November, 2020

App Development in NJ: Impacts of Cloud Computing

With the widespread use of smartphones and the internet, the users and app developers are dealing with a significant data flow. It didn't take long for app development NJ to focus their attention on cloud storage to streamline this flow and data storage. Cloud offers practically unlimited storage and a far superior processing power enabling app developers to scale new heights of functionalities. 

Cloud computing enables one to access a pool of resources without having to interact with the service provider. The result is that you can access resources quickly and easily; this gives you a significant advantage as these resources charge you on a usage basis. Furthermore, app development NJ can employ cloud computing to allow users to adjust their computing capacity based on the user's specific requirements. 

Many of the available apps on the market have already shifted to cloud computing, whereas others are still hesitant to adopt cloud computing. But it is high time that app development NJ finally turns to cloud computing as the trend is catching on like wildfire. At this point, it is inevitable that your app comes with cloud computing capability.

Impact of Cloud Computing on App Development 

Cloud computing in mobile apps makes it easier for you to innovate and implement advanced features and functionalities. But what does it mean for app development when cloud computing comes into the picture? Below we discuss just that.

  1. Platform Compatibility: One of the best things about cloud computing is that it significantly reduces the need for developing separate apps dedicated to each OS. This saves the developers a significant amount of time and effort that is put into their work. With cloud computing, all you have to do is develop a single app and launch on both the major platforms Android and iOS. Since it is stored in the cloud, the app can be easily accessed by the users provided that the user has a good enough internet connection.
  2. Reduced Costs: The cost of developing an app is subjective to the number of features it has, and the complexity of the app itself and native mobile apps are in no way inexpensive. The cloud apps get the upper hand here as you don't have to develop a different version of it for the different platforms you want it to be on. Furthermore, cloud-based apps are easier to maintain. Many developers make the mistake of overlooking this aspect, but timely maintenance is essential to get rid of any glitches and lags in an app.
  3. Scalability: Scalability is your mobile app's ability to expand its capacity and functional capability to cater to the growing needs of your users. Creating a highly scalable native or hybrid app can be an expensive affair. So much that it may even end up costing you more than the actual development of the app. Cloud-based apps enable you to install new features and make updates to your app without burning a hole in your pocket.
  4. Save Your Device Storage Space: Running out of storage space on your device (usually your smartphone) is the most frustrating thing for anyone who uses smartphones. The data on a cloud-based app is stored on a cloud server and not on your physical device. The information is accessed through the internet, and it saves you storage space on your device. You won't have to free up space for using your cloud-based apps. This can be especially helpful if the app being referred to is a data-heavy one and, although indirectly, can affect your smartphone's performance.
Cloud-based mobile apps are slowly becoming mainstream, and for good reasons. However, we are yet to realize the true potential of cloud computing and how it can be most efficiently used. It is in no way the perfect system, and many hurdles still lay on its paths, such as the information security in cloud-based apps, the dependency of apps on high-speed internet, and the resource deficiency of mobile devices. But, eventually, a solution for these challenges will be available to us, and at that point, cloud computing will possibly be inevitable for mobile apps.

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