App Development Myths that should not Discouraged Companies from Creating an App

16 February, 2019

App Development Myths that should not Discouraged Companies from Creating an App

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life, as our reliance on these small devices has increased day by day. According to current records, approximately 3 billion people worldwide own a smartphone and we use it for a wide range of purposes, right from listening music to setting up alarms to see time to send messages to watching videos to checking email along with many other tasks. Thus, considering the consistent rise in mobile usage, mobile apps have become the significant tool for businesses in New Jersey that allows them to catch their customer's attention.


With people spending around 89% of their mobile time on apps and 56% of all traffic generated through mobile, creating an app in NJ has become essential for New Jersey businesses. Statistics revealed that the average American spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device thus having a mobile app will prove beneficial for the company for variety of reasons. By creating an app for the business, companies will be able to connect with their customers and initiate dialogue around their products or services.

However there are few myths associated with the app creation that need to be busted so that businesses are not discouraged from creating an app.

Mobile app development is simply coding - Mobile app development is not just coding but goes way beyond coding because app developers of New Jersey also need to understand the basics of design, user interface, cross-coding functionalities along with architecture and framework. App developers also need to stay updated about latest market trends and must have proficiency in iOS and Android. While designing an app, support between cross-platform apps is important.

Creating the initial version of the app is easy - The time and complexity of creating an app in Florida usually depends upon the scalability and requirements of the app. However, most of the New Jersey developers believe that creating first version of the app takes the longest. The app developers first need to fix the basics of the app and should not come out with an app that does nothing and seems to be created in a hurry or rush. Developers should take their time and create the first version of the app without any functional error.

Uploading the app will not result in its popularity - Mobile apps also need to be advertised in order to attain popularity, as uploading an app is not the end it is just the beginning. To make the app visible in the market, companies need to publicize it no matter how creative or brilliant their app is. With around 2.5 million apps in Google Play and Apple Store, businesses need to aptly promote their app to make it successful.

Today, app developers have come out with apps for almost all processes. Big MNC and large companies are using mobile apps since the beginning but now even small and medium enterprises of New Jersey are making additional investment in creating an app in NYC because with rapid app development frameworks, it is possible even for the SME businesses to create apps and escalate their business growth.

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