Apple Wallet for IOS Apps

22 March, 2018

Apple Wallet for IOS Apps

  Apple Wallet now offers users a very convenient means of organizing and using rewards cards, boarding passes, tickets, and gift cards. One is able to bring up passes in one’s app with PassKit APIs, send them through email, or post them on the web. It is convenient also set the time or location for an item to appear.

Hither to the users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been wielding their phones in front of NFC stations to make their payments for stuff in the US since last October. They are doing it throughout the UK from July 14 onwards. Say good bye to cumbersome QR codes that some retailers have used until now. iOS 9 expands Apple Pay by adding gift and loyalty cards, as a result the app that contains it, Passbook, is being rechristened Wallet.

Wallet is being modified to incorporate gift and loyalty cards in iOS 9. Nonetheless, the new app icon is here and so is its versatility. Just a simple trick does it! Just double press the home button on a locked iPhone (but not an iPad) brings up the Apple Pay menu.

This is so very handy because the Wallet app is so appealing to hide in a folder. There is no rationale to let it remain on the home screen unless and until you actually need it. But it's is very convenient and easy to have quick access to it, in case you actually do need to lug something out of your "Wallet."

Now as the loyalty cards are being launched, shortcuts like these are going to become even more important. Of course it would be nice if Apple devised a way to access a flight boarding pass when the iPhone screen is unlocked. At present one has to lock the always-in-use device in an airport line, then press the lock button again to wake it in order to access the lock screen notification. Apple Watch does it rightly, it has a shortcut that is always present in the notification dropdown just before a flight.

Below are some handy tips of how to add, use and remove passes in Apple's Wallet app for iOS: For a few people, the Wallet app in iOS might be similar to Apple Pay —something that you only see momentarily after double-tapping the home button. For the skilled apple phone user though, it's also a means of keeping passes handy without the need to stuff paper copies into your pocket.

There are many ways of adding passes that includes Wallet-ready apps, tapping an iOS notification or scanning a code after using Apple Pay at a store. Often, however, you will be tapping on an "Add to Apple Wallet" icon, whether on a webpage or in an email, such as a receipt for concert tickets. Be sure to do this from your iPhone to make it work.

If you do need to scan a physical pass, this can be done by tapping the "+" button in the Passes section of Wallet. After confirming that you need to add an item, it must show up in Wallet automatically. Tapping on a pass will bring up details and makes it ready for use that includes any QR or barcodes that need to be scanned at a station, merchant, station or venue. In certain cases, just appearing at the precise location will trigger a lock screen notification that you can swipe to jump into the suitable pass.

One can swipe down on a pass in order to go back to main screen or swipe left and right if there are multiple items associated with the same event, like a ticket for your friend.

Each pass could also contain a link to an appropriate app in the lower-left, but will surely include an "Information" button at the lower-right side. You could do a number of things here like toggle lock screen notifications and automatic content updates. More prominently though this is the only way to eliminate a pass even though time-sensitive ones will clutter up Wallet after their expiry date. In case you become a regular user it is worth coming back to the app once in a while to clean things up. So go ahead and try out the new feature called “Wallet” and enjoy.

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