Are the App Developers in NJ Following these 8 Steps?

02 July, 2020

Are the App Developers in NJ Following these 8 Steps?

It is an undisputed fact that the number of people who use smartphones have increased exponentially over the years. An industry that has simultaneously flourished is mobile app development. Precisely because people have started adopting to the trend of getting things done with a touch. A quick search through the Apple app store and Google play store can leave anybody startled seeing the number of apps that are already present and are being deployed daily for almost every odd thing. However, one of the major aspects that slips out of the mind of app developers while handling the unprecedented growth of the industry is the high-level security breaches and cyber threats that are associated with mobile app development. Smartphones are a potential platform for cyber criminals to thrive, especially in large cities like NJ where every other person spends most of his/her free time glued to their smartphones, browsing through various apps. Here are certain steps that app developers in NJ can follow in order to avoid security breaches.

1. End User Acceptance Testing

As the name suggests, it should be the priority of the app developer to test the scope of acceptance of a mobile app created by the company before it is deployed. It is mandatory that the app should fulfill every criterion that the end user is expecting from the particular app. Feature integration, technical aspects, possibilities of updates, ability to achieve the business goal need to be ensured. Confining the app usage to the existing protocol and encrypting it can avoid unnecessary security breaches.

2. Making an Impermeable Architecture

The vulnerabilities in the source code that can allow cyber criminals to tamper with the architecture of the app needs to be thoroughly checked at every level. A porous code or architecture can lead to data loss and thereby privacy breach. Carrying out testing at multiple levels is definitely a lot of work but, app developers in NJ should not be intimidated because it is cheaper to change or fix the errors before the app is deployed

3. Mobile Device Management

Online security of the app depends on the type of mobile being used by the user. Both operating systems, iOS and Android have entirely different modes of working and therefore the app developers need to have different approaches for each operating system to ensure app security as the data stored in any device can cause potential security breach. Here comes the need of employing proper encryption methods which ensures that the data in the device is safe from cyber frauds.

4. Developers & Testers under One Roof

The security quotient of the back-end systems and web services of an app is very rarely given importance as there are multiple levels to front-end app development, which in turn makes it hectic for the developer to check security at every level. This increases the chances of fraudulent practices. This becomes even more serious if the app is being developed by third-party vendors who are not familiar with the enterprise IT standard and policies and can therefore mess up amid wrong security assumptions. Always hire a company who owns developers and testers under one roof.

5. Hardening the OS

Though not mandatory, this step ensures added security. Started by Apple, which uses ironclad security features for iOS there are now various methods to harden the operating system of apps developed in the Android environment as well.

6. Think Twice before Free Resources

It might be tedious and expensive to start an app development from scratch and this is the reason why there are a lot of free and open-source code that may look cheaper than hiring a custom app developer. Even though open sources are not always a harm, it is important to ensure security. Hacking open sources is just a cake walk for hackers. Therefore, it is important to hire a development company who can do research about the source entity of the libraries and the framework of the free resources. Additionally, data should only be used from a trusted source who have a good reputation of providing high quality resources. 

7. Secured User Authentication

A basic yet mandatory step, enabling secured user authentication only is mandatory to ensure the security of the app at all levels. All the essential privacy ensuring points like identity, session management and mobile security features should be taken care of. Two-factor authentication or Multi-factor authentication can further ensure secured user authentication, thereby keeping the data safe from security breaches.

8. Understand and Comply to the Industry Security Standards at all Levels

When it comes to cyber security, the developers should know that the regulations are not just confined to that of the enterprise but there are many legal aspects of data security and breaches, if they take place. Regional requirements other than ISO certifications may also vary according to the category of the app. However, it is mandatory to follow them without fail.

In addition to keeping these basic points in mind, it is always essential to understand the potential problem properly in order to find a solution for the same. This is because different kinds of apps might have various areas that require more attention in terms of losing the data. T
he app developers of NJ might find it a bit difficult to keep up to every aspect because the competition that they have to face in a large city like NJ is huge. Therefore, there can be chances that amid the huge responsibility of collaborating with reputed clients the developers can sometime fall short on ensuring the security at every level. There is a solution for that as well. If a developer feels that security is an area that requires professional supervision, hiring it is the best idea. A credible cyber security professional with experience in identifying and rectifying security breaches and cyber threats can make the work easy for an app developer and thereby ensure the quality of the app as well.

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