Benefits of Developing an App for Car Dealers in Florida

22 October, 2021

Benefits of Developing an App for Car Dealers in Florida

People spend a considerable amount of time online. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, spending time on digital devices has become a necessity rather than a choice especially in cities like Florida. On their time, people mostly commute through different apps, be it food delivery, fashion, or ecommerce in general, they tend to spend their time regardless of whether they want to purchase something or not. The increased use of smartphones led several businesses to develop an app.  It not only helps to drive sales but also to increase awareness, engage consumers, communicate with them and retain them.

In such a situation, it is the wisest decision of brands and car dealerships to move beyond just a website and develop an app. Now websites are mostly where the consumer seeks for information but apps are where the sales are made. Studies show that more than 55% of the millennials look for the app when they encounter a brand and if your brand is not accessible to the desired consumers then that is where you lose the potential to grow. The automobile industry in the app industry is not a new thing but that doesn’t negate its necessity in today’s world. It is one of the easiest ways to give access to both the user and the dealer.

Why develop an app for your car dealership in Florida?

Customers are always on the lookout for brands that satisfy their pain points and brands are constantly looking for means to communicate with them. In such a case avoiding such an opportunity and refusing to go with the trend is just as good as giving up your consumer to another brand. When your business fails to connect to the consumer that is where another competing company jumps in and steals them. Investing in a mobile application hence is not a short term investment to obtain sales, but it goes far beyond that.  Having a mobile application allows you to maintain an inventory, identify the target audience, interact with the consumers, understand what they are looking for and offer them what they want. It is also one of the best ways to keep reminding them of the business and pulling them back to our brand. A mobile could also be used to build excellent consumer loyalty based on constant communication and customer reward system. A car dealership app would enable you to present several models to the consumer all at once, provide information, make sales, get referrals etc, all of which are a great solution to most business hindrances. 

The necessity of developing an app for a car dealership in Florida

Building brand image: The tangible elements of a brand personality such as the logo, colour, layout, inventory could be easily conveyed to the consumer through a mobile app on which they spend a lot of time. This helps increase brand recall and recognition among potential consumers. 

Information dissemination: A mobile app is one of the easiest ways to impart information to the consumer as well as give a quick call to action.

Follow ups: A mobile app allows the business to keep in touch with the consumer. In this case, they could be alerted about the discounts, offers, new models or just reminding them of the brand.

Data Analysis: Lots of data is carried by mobile apps which allows a business to analyze their brand, the best selling models, the best sales tactics and teams, ROI, KPI, the market, the consumers, their needs etc. 

Multiple payment options: An app helps the consumer to make payment the way they are sitting at the comfort of their homes safely and conveniently.

Personalized campaigns: Through the app businesses are able to identify their consumers, what they are looking for and customize the message for them that would push them to make a purchase decision. 

Geofencing and competitiveness: When you develop an app for your car dealership in Florida, It allows you to keep the dealing and sales discreet and the on site customers intact. By tracking the real time location of the consumers, the brand is able to deliver better promotions and stay ahead amongst the competition in the market.

Servicing and revenue: One thing that brings the customers back to a car dealership brand is servicing. By offering branded services through the app the consumers are more likely to fix an appointment with the same company on multiple occasions such as routine servicing, repairs etc. This would generate a lot of revenue and would help in maintaining a loyal consumer base. 

The future where the showrooms are confined to just mobile apps is not that far. It is a one stop solution for both the business and the consumer. This is where the awareness, consumer encounter, the evaluation, information dissemination, comparison, quotation, sale, reviews, servicing and everything else happens. Hence, utilizing technology and trends would bring in maximum profitability and betterment for the brand on a longer run. 

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