Best Apps to Refer to Design a Homecare App in New York

18 March, 2021

Best Apps to Refer to Design a Homecare App in New York

Homecare agencies hold one of the most vital and responsible roles in a civilized community of the modern world. Despite having such an important role in society, caregivers often go underappreciated. They do the hard work of a healthcare professional or perhaps even more. Typically, a caregiver takes charge of remembering meditations and their dosage, tracking health symptoms, remembering important information about the patient, and more.  We can often see that the caregivers struggle to balance their schedule, track their work hours, and this is especially hard when they work for a healthcare agency on a payroll basis. With the arrival of advanced homecare apps, we have a smart and feasible solution to the homecare industry's many problems. The homecare apps are especially helpful for caregivers because they can help with their schedules, payrolls, fill-in-shift reports, and so much more. A homecare app can optimize how a homecare agency works and significantly enhance its productivity. It is no wonder that homecare apps are in high demand in cities like New York. The best and perhaps the simplest way to come up with the right idea to design a homecare app in New York is to analyze and refer to leading homecare apps. This article takes you through some of the best apps that you can refer to before you design an in New York for a homecare agency. 


Connecteam is a perfect example of a homecare mobile app. It is a well-built homecare app with a focus on field-employee management. Connecteam is well-established and trusted by hundreds of homecare agencies around the world. It comes equipped with a simple yet elegant design along with powerful tools for easy management of the business. Some of the major takeaways after examining the app are as stated below.

Streamlined Communication: implement features like notifications, private chat, and an employee directory for superior communication between all the parties involved, including the patient, the caregiver, and the admin.

Compliance Standards: Higher compliance can be achieved through methods like digital 'read-and-sign' forms for updating the employees about their tasks and having them accountable for the same. 

Reduced Friction & Improved Response Time: Use checklists and forms in your homecare app for various purposes, including home safety assessments, service agreements, and more, depending on your unique needs.

Efficient job scheduling: having the capability to schedule appointments allows homecare agencies to assign caregivers based on a unique criteria, provide the time, address, and even special instructions. The caregivers also have the option to accept or reject the shifts along with other functionalities.


Medsys is another popular homecare app that you can refer to, which comes packed with a bunch of nifty features. The 100% web-based homecare app offers attractive features like real-time data exchange, visit verification to ensure that the caregiver arrives for their shift on time, scheduling appointments, and even billing. It comes with a dedicated client and caregiver management section for a streamlined and orderly workflow. is similar to Uber and is ideal for freelancers in the homecare industry. They allow families to care for their loved ones and not just the human ones. They provide child care, senior care, and pet care services, and the user can easily access these services as their homecare app is well-organized and a similar approach should be taken while creating an app for your own.

Alzheimer's Caregiver Buddy

An initiative by the Alzheimer's Association, this homecare app is specifically focused on Alzheimer's disease and people who suffer from it. Establishing a niche like Alzheimer's Caregiver Buddy is also an innovative way to go about your homecare app. This app has many useful features including, hygiene and meal-related daily care tips, ideas for some fun activities to help the patients, and more.


firstHOMECARE EHR is similar to a CRM for healthcare agencies. It combines many attractive features and robust functionalities. One of the main features that you should note is the billing and invoicing in firstHOMECARE as it includes Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial insurance billing. Furthermore, it comes with built-in email integration, electronic signature capability, alerts, and more. 

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