Best Educational App Development Ideas for Philadelphia Schools

02 September, 2020

Best Educational App Development Ideas for Philadelphia Schools

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

In today’s world, the standards of education are rising at a pace that has never been seen before, the brook of knowledge has to keep flowing regardless of the situation human beings go through. The premier building blocks of a nation are always their educated and aware minds. Pennsylvania spent 3,700$ above the national average on the students' educational spending. Philadelphia being the largest city in the province, the education sector has to be implemented with respect to their quality assured educational standards and current pandemic situation. As a result, online classes and application-based education are on a rise which opens a new market for the industry of app development in Philadelphia

Here are some ideas for Educational App development in Philadelphia:

Augmented Reality Sessions

The experience of being physically present in a classroom is irreplaceable, that is the reason augmented reality should be integrated amongst educational app development in Philadelphia. It provides students with the closest interaction with the topics they are taught. Just like ears, the eyes also define certain things for making learning easier. AR technology will mainly contribute to the field of Kindergarten classes and scientific academic classes.

The Exam Prep

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had started on the tipping points of the student's lives. Important exams and their preparations are not to be seen anywhere near. This cannot stop students from preparing themselves for the exams they have previously worked for. Hence, implementing an app that helps students focus mainly on exams and its various question types will be accepted by the students of Philadelphia with open hands. The app should be a compilation of various previous exam question papers and answer modules that help students prepare for each exam individually. This type of application can help the student to choose the exam he is going to appear for and understand the questioning pattern with great independence.

Teacher to Student Applications

The Enlightened minds of the youth are always filled with questions that help them grow, most of the educational apps today don’t provide fast responses to the questions asked by the students. The one to one interaction amongst students and experienced teachers will provide them with the closest classroom experience. This can be done with the implementation of a platform for students and teachers to connect. Social educational applications enable in making distance learning as easy as possible. 

Entertaining study content

Contents in an educational application are always meant to be syllabus oriented, but students of the younger age groups who haven’t had much classroom experience would prefer something that entertains them as they learn. Contents can vary from short stories to puzzles, riddles, and quizzes. The age group of 3 to 10 can be benefited most from these applications as they have only a few years of classroom learning.

Applications for the differently-abled and autistic students

Differently-abled students should be able to access applications where they can study contents related to their curriculum. Philadelphia had the highest rate of differently-abled citizens amongst the largest cities in the U.S in 2018, app development in Philadelphia should shed light on these citizen demographics providing them sound education methods through easily accessible and hassle-free applications.

Personalization and Parental Access

For some parents, checking their daily journals are the go-to method to keep themselves updated with what their kids are being taught. But, online learning can be a hassle sometimes for such things that the parents need access to. If parents can know what their kids are learning every day they will be on track with the progress of their children at their comfort. Also, if the application works in a way that the student can set on their own interests it would be ideal. Such as, regular reminders of the succeeding sessions, option to set your sleeping time so that the application can wake you up even if you forgot to set your alarm, let the student what portion was asked for the last exam, where are the areas that the student has to improve and a proper personalized timetable.

As a conclusion, the educational app development industry has widely developed covering every aspect of the industry. Hence, while hiring an agency, make sure they are worth your market research and your budget and is equally helpful for the students and teachers and profitable for the company. The educational app development will only continue to grow in the future and reap multiple benefits for the students and help them prosper. Keeping in the pandemic in mind, app companies in Philadelphia should concentrate creating educational apps that benefit the market and themselves during this downfall.

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