Best Marketing ideas for Shopify App Companies in NJ, New Jersey

30 August, 2020

Best Marketing ideas for Shopify App Companies in NJ, New Jersey

There is no doubt that Shopify is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the digital world. It is not just because the platform has opened wide avenues for multiple businesses to take their products online but the platform has also helped these businesses to exhibit their products to customers who have very different and unique tastes, thereby getting a wider reach. It is probably the simplicity and amazing customization properties that make Shopify popular among both customers as well as app designers. App companies in NJ have been using Shopify as it can be easily integrated with apps and it is easier for the app developers to provide high-quality UI/UX. However, marketing of these apps is extremely important as it is the most viable method to attract more customers and increase the brand value. Mentioned below are few marketing techniques that can be used to yield best results from Shopify apps.

Create a Sense of Waiting

What is a trailer of a movie meant to do? It aims at creating suspense around the plot that in turn generates the curiosity in a customer’s mind so much so that he/she eagerly waits for the release of the particular movie. This is exactly the same technique that app companies of NJ are using these days for ensuring the success of an app. They come up with strategies for app promotion way before the launch, thereby building an anticipation in the minds of the customers. When the app finally launches, the customers will be eager to download it and start shopping immediately. However, care should be given that the waiting period shouldn’t be stretched too long or else the customers will lose interest.

Incentives Attract Customers

Despite the popularity of mobile apps, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that 75% of apps are used once and then never used again. This also increases the possibility of people thinking that all apps are the same and refraining from downloading more such apps. The best solution for the same is to provide high quality customer experience while making them understand the benefits of the app. Monetary incentives, discounts, loyalty points are the best possible solutions that the app companies of NJ are using to keep the customers loyal to the app. Incentives can be made available in different packages, which range from 20-30% discount at the time of download to even 50% for extending the subscription for a month.

Social Media Influencers can be Used for Promotion

It is a common customer behaviour to buy things that their favourite influencer has posted a photograph in. Be it an outfit or any fashion accessory, the best way to promote the product and the app that sells the same are through influencers who have huge fan following. People believe these influencers and are easily attracted towards the products that they endorse. However, a portion of the fund reserved for marketing will be utilised to pay the influencers. But experts say, his mobile app ecommerce marketing strategy delivers strong results and high returns.

Use the Website Wisely

Why not use the website as a promotional tool. Most of the businesses have websites, but do not take an effort to provide a direct download link of their app. Some ecommerce websites don’t even have any mention of their app on the website as they think that their loyal customers will take the pain and effort to look for their mobile apps. This is foolishness and will take away a golden opportunity that would give the largest promotion to the app. App companies of NJ are nowadays making it a point to provide direct download links of the mobile app in the client’s websites.

In addition to using these tips the app developers should constantly work on updating these creative marketing ideas for Shopify apps keeping in mind the latest market trends and customer requirements. Leaving no or very less room for updates can make the app outdated and in long run people might even forget that such an app even existed.

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