Best Practices for Mobile App Designers in New York

06 December, 2021

Best Practices for Mobile App Designers in New York

User experience plays a vital role in deciding whether an app can succeed in today’s competitive market. It may be one of the most significant investments in developing an app. Still, it also has the potential to return those investments exponentially.

App designers in New York are among the most sought-after experts in the world. However, even the best of us must keep ourselves updated with the best industry practices to remain on top. This article discusses the best practices for app designers to help them create successful mobile apps.

Designs Made For Everyone 

An essential app design practice is to ensure accessibility to everyone. Add designers should be able to foresee the different use cases in their design. It includes finding the best layout for the apps and making the major design elements visible for better interactions. Be extra cautious when it comes to the placement of buttons, CTAs, and other design elements.

Use Single Actions Per Screen

The biggest challenge for app designers when developing a mobile app is the significantly smaller screens compared to desktops. Even adding a couple of additional items can make the app feel stuffed. Ideally, app designers should simplify on-app actions and limit the activities per screen to one.

Use Easily Tappable Buttons

How frustrating is it when a button on an app you are browsing through is so small that you often end up hitting the wrong touch button? It is one of the most undesirable user experience elements ever. Ensure that your app has easily tappable buttons. For example, consider making buttons 44 x 44 pt or 48 x 48 dp as they are easier to use. 

Go For A Clean & Systematic Design

App designers often ignore white spaces, and as a result, the apps end up looking cluttered. Too many design elements clustered in a tiny screen can often feel nauseating to the user. They may end up abandoning the app. Hence, you must ensure the good use of white space in your app designs. 

Minimal Data Input

Another thing the user hates about mobile apps, specifically eCommerce apps, is that they require a lot of data input. The mobile interface is nothing like a desktop. Even data input needed for logging in to an app is not desirable for the user. Try implementing features like one-touch login using social media accounts and Address Autocomplete to minimize data input by users.

Implement Dark Mode

How many of us look at our phones while we are in bed before we sleep? When scrolling through our phones at night in the dark, the last thing we want is a bright white screen that practically blinds us. Implementing dark mode for your business can be an effective solution to this problem. 

Focus On Context-Oriented Designs 

Using a personalized UX can help you create context-oriented designs for your users. It means that the UX design and the features of your app should be based on how the user interacts with it. The user should have superior control over the app and control their interface to some extent.

Ensure a User-Friendly Nature Of The Tab Bar

One of the crucial parts of any app is its tab bar, and you should make sure that it is user-friendly. You can do this by providing all the required information in the front without making the tab bar cluttered. Similarly, you can also try substituting names on the bar with relevant icons.  

Provide Feedback On Important User Actions

Suppose a user interacts with your mobile app and makes a significant action, such as adding an item to the cart. The customer would prefer getting feedback from the app that informs the user that their item was successfully added to the cart. Similar feedback on significant action on the app can enhance the user interface. 


UX design is an aspect of mobile app development that is constantly changing. Perhaps the evolution of UX design trends is much faster than any other aspect of a mobile app. Therefore, app designers must do their best to keep up with the best practices in mobile app design to come up with designs that the users enjoy browsing.

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