Best Reference Apps for Car Parking App Developers in New Jersey

28 March, 2022

Best Reference Apps for Car Parking App Developers in New Jersey

Car parking apps can sometimes be tricky to develop. There are so many features and functionality that can make finding a parking spot easier for the user. Here is a list of some of the best car parking apps you can use as a reference for developing a car parking app.

#1 Parker

Parker is a mobile car parking app that made its wave with its in-house innovative GPS technology. The specialty of Parker is that it explores any available garages, parking lots, and even street-side parking spots in different locations.

It also provides the user with real-time car-parking data to park their car without driving around or exploring the area. Additionally, it allows users to save parking spots once they use it and provides them with walking directions to their parked car.

#2 ParkMobile

ParkMobile is a car parking app that all app developers must refer to before building a car parking app. It is one of the most popular car parking apps in the US. It helps millions of people find parking space on the street and in garages without a meter or kiosk.

Furthermore, ParkMobile offers stadium parking facilities for concerts and sporting events. You can even get parking reservations in metro zones using the ParkMobile app. The app operates in over 400 cities and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

#3 Parkopedia

App developers in New Jersey must look to Parkopedia if they want to build a parking app that covers parking spots worldwide. Parkopedia provides its users with 70 million parking lots in more than 15000 cities around the globe.

Despite the enormous database it manages, Parkopedia still manages to ensure up-to-date information on opening hours, costs, directions, and more. It also comes equipped with an advanced search feature, and premium accounts can see which spots are free in real-time.

#4 ParkMe App

ParkMe App is a perfect reference for car parking app developers in New Jersey if they want to create a free car parking app. It consists of car-park spot information in over 500 cities worldwide, including countries like the US, Canada, Europe, etc.

They offer a nifty map feature to view the parking rates for facilities in specific locations. You can also use the map version to reserve and pay for parking spots in advance.

#5 BestParking

The "best" thing about BestParking is its simple and easy-to-use interface and its ability to find cheap cap-park space anywhere in the city. BestParking started as a small airport parking finder app. However, today BestParking covers parking spaces in over 100 cities and 115 airports in the US.

The parking app already has over 40 million users, and this number only seems to be growing every day. Another beautiful thing about the car parking app is that it lets you see nearby parking spots and compare their parking rates against each other.

#6 ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz is a car parking app that lets users book parking spots at their preferred destination. The user has the freedom to enter the destination or place where they want to find a parking spot. Once you enter the destination, you scan for parking spots near that location. The app attracts more customers by providing up to 50% off in car-parking spaces for bookings.

#7 SpotHero

SpotHero is yet another top-rated platform for finding parking spaces for your car in the city. The SpotHero is so streamlined that it helps users lower their drive-up expenses up to 50%. Hence, it is the ideal app for people looking to save some money.

However, you have to make this payment in advance to get the discount. The app gives users access to thousands of garages, parking lots, and garages and their locations. It even allows business people to split their parking bills into different accounts after upgrading their profiles.


Developing a parking app is not as easy as one might assume. There are a lot of advanced features and functionalities you can implement for your car parking app, such as the ones we discussed above. However, you need an expert developer like NewAgeSMB to accurately meet all your app requirements and deliver a quality car parking app for your business.

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