Best Reference Apps for Educational App Builders in Connecticut

27 April, 2021

Best Reference Apps for Educational App Builders in Connecticut

When the pandemic struck the world unexpectedly, everything came to a standstill. One of the main industries that were largely affected by this was the education industry, schools and colleges around the world shut down and students and teachers shifted to the online mode of study. And so, now more than ever educational institutions have realized the requirement of educational apps that keeps students engaged throughout the day.

Various schools explore multiple apps and choose what suits their student's needs best so that learning never stops. This is when companies in and around the world realized that there was a need for educational apps and continued to build on these opportunities, hundreds of apps were introduced in the market that helped students and teachers connect effectively. 

Therefore, we can without a doubt say that the educational app industry is thriving, and stepping into this market can result in success in the near future. In order to understand how exactly these apps work, here are some of the best educational apps in the market currently that your company can look into for reference: 

  1. Glean Notes: The first reference app that app builders can look into while developing an educational app is Glean Notes. It is one of the best-selling apps in the industry that allows students to take notes in multiple ways with their own tweaks that helps them improve their overall productivity and skill. This app has various features such as audio recording notes, organization notes, classroom recording, important note-taking, and much more. This is a paid application with a couple of subscription options that really allow students to make learning fun on a daily basis. 

  2. Kahoot!: Educational app builders can also look into one of the most engaging applications called Kahoot! Teachers and students have nothing but praises to sing for this app as it increases class participation to a large extent. Kahoot provides a platform for fun learning games and various methods to develop class engagement. Teachers can choose what fits their students the best and use the app as and when the need arises. Kahoot sparks an interest in various subjects amongst students and makes day-day topics more fun and exciting to discuss with their peers and teachers. 

  3. Duolingo:  Language learning is always slightly more difficult and so, here is another app that has been introduced to make that task easier. Duolingo is an educational app that allows students to learn a new language within no time. It is also used by language teachers as it makes teaching a new language online much easier and exciting. Students can practice as much as they want and give exams to check their command of the language. Reviews say that Duolingo is fun and addictive, once you start, you only want to continue learning more languages. 

  4. All the world: Better learning: Another reference app that educational app builders in Connecticut can look into is the all the world: better learning app. This application comes in handy especially with students in younger classes. All the world is a more visual-based learning application that provides video-based services to young children on a plethora of topics. This app covers both classroom and general interest topics and can be referred at any time. It is great for teachers to provide material from as watching a video keeps the younger students more engaged than monotonous reading. 

  5. Kaizena: Ease of use has become the new norm in this digital world that we live in. Kaizena allows students to type down their assignments without any hassle and allows teachers to provide personalized spoken feedback on the assignment so that the message is conveyed better. Students can share their work with teachers anytime and receive feedback, students can also provide feedback on their peer's work. This app allows students to constantly improve using the feedback system. 

Lastly, we can understand that all the above-mentioned applications focus on one or the other aspect of teaching and learning. These apps have not only made the shift to online classrooms easier, but it has also taken the education industry to the next level. Moving into this medium of teaching is going to be the next big thing and will eventually be one of the most profitable industries in the long run. 

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