Build Analyzer for Android App Development in Florida

12 November, 2020

Build Analyzer for Android App Development in Florida

Currently, in the online marketplace, the two best mobile developers are Android and iOS platforms without a doubt. Both of these platforms strive to perform better at each and every step they take so that more amount of consumers lean towards them. This is particularly why Android created Build Analyzer. 

According to previous research, the build analyzer is one of the newest features in Android Studio 4.0. ‘It is a tool designed to help all developers understand what determines the duration of their build and how it can be minimized’. The introduction of the build analyzer is a game-changer and will help developers be more productive and do more within a short period of time.

App development will benefit from this as the build analyzer will present the best available information regarding each build and provide a detailed analysis of the flaws present so that developers can fix this before launching the app in the market. 

Therefore, here are a few things that need to be kept in mind while using the Build Analyzer for Android App development:

  • Generation of reports: One of the biggest advantages of a Build analyzer is that it generates reports for each of the apps that are to be created by the developers. The data generated will be according to the information given and might further change as and when we continue to build the app for Android platforms. This report will also provide information on how to develop your application, minimize the costs, and make it the best available application in the market. 

  • Types of options generated: After generating the report, every report will generate at least two options which will help the app developers understand their build in detail. Plugins with tasks determining the build’s duration:  When a developer clicks on this option, it will show the developer various plugins, its contributions to the final app, and the time each plugin takes to build the app. The information and details related to the tasks performed under each plugin also will be shown and this option will be an advantage during Android App development. Tasks determining this build's duration: This option provides information on each task. It is arranged in a particular order from various plugins based on the maximum time taken to perform the build. The tasks are also then further arranged based on which one has the most impact on the build. 

  • Warning option: One of the other options that can be generated is the warning option if at all there are any faults or flaws in the build. When analyzing the build performance, the developer will get a few warnings from the Android studio that does not run efficiently and does not contribute to the overall build. Another cost-effective feature that Build Analyzer has is that it provides potential solutions to solve the problems and warnings generated, this way the company can save both time and cost. After the build is completed, the build analyzer also uses various functions to monitor the app and scan it for any specific problems. App development companies will reach a different level in the industry due to this analyzer. 

  • Working of Build Analyzer: Based on previous research ‘Every time you use Android Studio to build your project, the Build Analyzer uses both the Gradle Tooling API and the Android Gradle Plugin to locally gather data.’ The function of the tooling API is used to attach a ProgressListener, which usually tends to provide information on configuration of the projects, effective execution of tasks, and much more. And finally, the Android Gradle Plugin provides developers an insight into additional information on things such as task name, task class, name mapping, etc. 

In conclusion, we can understand that the introduction of a Build analyzer will be beneficial to many developers in and around the world. Although, this feature is complex, using this tool one will be able to develop apps that grab customer attention in the market. It will help developers to improve the visualizations, navigations, and other aspects of the app in the future, and investing in such a tool will eventually bring in profits to the company. 

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