Building App Requirement Doc to Create an App in NYC

11 December, 2020

Building App Requirement Doc to Create an App in NYC

Mobile app development is not all about having an idea and finding out a developer who can bring the client’s idea into realization. The greatest difficulty in this regard is how efficiently can a client communicate his/her idea to the developer. This is crucial for developing an app that is feature-focused as well as provides high-end functionality. However, considering the ever-changing market trends and customer opinions, the chances of the client briefing being misinterpreted by the developer and the final product having no resemblance with what the client has in the mind is more. The app developers creating an app are not the ones to be blamed in this situation because they have a whole lot of development stages to handle, which makes the entire process extremely challenging for them. 

Here comes the need of documenting the ideas and requirements of the client as well as the suggestions and findings of the developer that will help incorporate these features in the best possible manner in an app. Having a Product Requirements Document (PRD) is the one and only solution that will help both the client as well as the developer to have a clear idea about the project, which in turn builds up the focus. By detailing the business strategy and technical requirements, the mobile app PRD defines the purpose of the project, identifying the factors that prove to be the potential risks while in the development stages. The document is so designed that the developer creating an app has to list down each and every technical requirement of the project, the technologies being incorporated, strategies for maintenance and support, feature availability and scalability, back-end integrations, third-party software purchases. Listing down all these details not only helps the developer to figure out which aspect needs more attention but also helps to streamline the entire development process, while leaving negligible changes of missing out on things that have to be tackled keeping in mind the overall constraints of the project. Listing down such important factors help reduce the chances of causing errors, thereby increasing the chances of app success and profitability.

Benefits of PRD

  • Determines if the viability of the app idea is based on the market trends and scope.
  • Takes care of the aesthetics of the app
  • Ensures the security of the app
  • Helps in planning the updates, maintenance and support system
  • Spot bug attacks

Business strategies that are defined by PRD

Mentioned below are a few business strategies that are mentioned in the PRD and will be helpful for app developers creating an app in NYC.
  • The first and foremost one is the purpose of the app. The document should define why the business owner feels it is mandatory to have an app, the requirements of the target audiences and the solutions an app can provide for the same.
  • How will the app help in solving the issues, which includes listing down the features that will increase the proximity of the brand with the customers by being available on their smartphones.
  • The monetization and business model needs to be specified, which will act as the guidelines for generating revenue for the client through the app. This will also help in building the developers brand value in the market.
  • Strategies for healthy competition, which include learning from the mistakes that the competitors make not to repeat them.
  • Details about how the app should look because the aesthetics of an app is also particularly important.
  • Provide the product vision as to how the finished product should look and function

Technical feasibilities explained by PRD

Mentioned below are few technical feasibilities that are defined in the PRD and will be helpful for app developers creating an app in NYC.
  • A detailed description on the platforms that the app needs to be launched. It can either be iOS, Windows or on both. Along with it the versions of the OS that would be used also needs to be specified.
  • Information regarding the servers and API documentation
  • Timeline for incorporating timely updates
  • Maintenance and support strategies of the analytics and technologies being used
The goal of creating a Product Requirements Document is to provide a foundation for a successful app development and therefore it is especially important that it should be prepared after consulting the app development team. A skilled and professional app developer will exactly know how to guide a client and brief them about the business and technical aspects along with the constraints and problems that can arise during the development process.

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