Businesses in NYC can Create An App Stand-out with Attractive Designs

30 April, 2019

Businesses in NYC can Create An App Stand-out with Attractive Designs

It is no doubt the app store is flooded with different variety of apps but still if a business in NYC is looking to create a highly useful app, then there is still plenty of scope. No doubt, the competition is high but if a business is keen on creating a high performance app that delivers quick and consistent solutions to problems their target customers grapples with, then the business has every chance of being successful in their mission. The apps beside solving problem of their customers should also have attractive design and must ensure that the apps work smoothly. The app must have a spectacular interface and impressive user experience because a sub-par user interface might be the reason behind the rejection of the app by app stores.

A good design app is not just a good looking app but it is an app that delivers the results in a smooth, seamless manner instructing the users through each and every step with ease. The users will be able to use the app to accomplish the task without being overwhelmed. Apps that have unfriendly design, puzzling navigation are less likely to make an impression, as it has been reported that 23% apps get used only once. This indicates that one in every four apps get uninstalled after single use. The high abandonment rate of apps is a clear indicates that apps designs and User Interface need a great deal of improvements. Thus, if any business is looking to create an app in NYC, they need to keep some design principles in consideration to create a highly useful and efficient app.

Factors to Consider: Create An App in NYC

Focus on the Core Value - The main function of the app and its purpose must be immediately conveyed to the users. The app should have a crisp and simplified on-boarding flow and the very first screen of the app must clearly state its purpose and and the next few screens should show the manner in which the task will be completed. Instead of flaunting fancy features, the app should focus on the core value.

Load Swiftly - Today users have no patience for an app that takes time to load and they prefer apps that get immediately loaded. Thus, business in NYC need to create app that take less loading time because if not satisfied with the loading speed, users will quickly move to the app that provides quick results.

Simple and Hassle-free Registration - The users usually download the app with the aim to browse, buy, book or find information about something and hence app should first cater these expectations. The users first need to trust the app that it will solve their problem then only they will not be hesitant to register with the app by sharing their personal details. Thus, it is best to allow users to experience the app for a while and then ask them to sign up with the app through simple and convenient registration process.

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