Core Features Needed for Plowz like Lawn Mowing App in Maryland.

19 March, 2021

Core Features Needed for Plowz like Lawn Mowing App in Maryland.

Landscaping services are not something that we imagined to be available via smartphones, yet lawn mowing apps like Plowz has gained immense popularity in recent days. Landscaping companies all around Maryland are rushing to get their business online and develop an app for their business. As more and more businesses make their presence online, you can't afford to get left behind. Now you can develop an app in Maryland for your landscaping services and ensure that you don't miss out on any potential business. Plowz is the perfect example of how much potential a landscaping services app has in today's world. They basically created a Uber for landscaping services and equipped it with advanced features that actually made people prefer accessing the services through the app than through conventional methods. This article discusses the secret formula or the core features you need to create a Plowz-like lawn mowing app. Before you develop a landscape services app in Maryland, it is essential that you get a good understanding of what the customers need and how you can satisfy their needs through your Plawz-like app. Below, we discuss some of the core features that your lawn mowing app needs to consider.

1. Select & Schedule Multiple House Chores 

As a landscaping services company, you'd naturally offer several services to your customers, which most likely includes lawn mowing, snow plowing, and leaf removal. Depending on your business's nature, there may be even more services offered and maybe even combo packages.  The user is always looking for convenience, and they don't want the hassle of bargaining with the contractor. You need to provide them with an easy and efficient way of choosing multiple services based on their unique need and a feature that allows them to schedule their appointment. Furthermore, these features must be easy to access. You can also provide extra options such as yard clean up, mulch, trimming, and pruning. Be precise about the services you offer so that there is no confusion.

2. Push Notifications & Real-Time Updates

The whole point of an on-demand app is to provide a convenient and reliable alternative to legacy solutions. The success of on-demand apps like Uber or Plowz is largely because of their convenience factor. In fact, you could even say that these apps thrive on human laziness. Push notification makes tracking easier for the customers and can also serve as a reminder for the users. Enable the user to set weekly reminders for their preferred landscaping service and also provide them with real-time updates on their order status. The real-time update for a lawn mowing app can also include sending a photo of the finished job so that the user can ascertain the quality of the job in real-time. The push notification can also serve to alert the user about advance bookings and much more.

3. Live Chat

Live chat support is a must for your lawn mowing app as it allows the user to chat and have their queries answered in the most convenient way possible. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that your platform supports an integrated messenger or chat feature. The primary purpose of the chat feature is simply to provide the users with a satisfying customer experience.  The chats provide for a fast and comfortable form of communication for the users, and it is the method of contact for many users. Furthermore, it also lets you know whether the users are offline and online, enabling you to serve them more effectively. The better you serve the customers, the more the chance that they’ll come back.

4. Schedule Services

For an on-demand app, having the capability to schedule the appointment is without question a necessity. But, it is even more important when it comes to a lawn mowing app as there are numerous factors to consider. The most prominent among these factors is the weather condition. As the landscaping service is affected by the weather condition, you may choose to offer additional services when the weather is not in favor of the job. Allow the user to schedule the service now, tomorrow, or make advance bookings based on their unique needs and situation. 

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