Cost and Key Features to Make an App for Medicine Delivery in New Jersey

06 May, 2022

Cost and Key Features to Make an App for Medicine Delivery in New Jersey

Every on-demand app has three main components, and it is the same for medicine delivery apps. The three major components you need to consider when you make an app for medicine delivery are  
  • The customer app
  • The pharmacy app
  • The admin panel

Key Features For The Customer App

As you can guess, the customer app is the most important among the three components of the on-demand medicine delivery app. The significant features you should include in your customer app are listed below.

Registration: Allow the user to conveniently register on your medicine delivery app, including social media login. It speeds up the registration process and lets the user access your app faster.

Profile Management: Allow the customer to fill in their details, such as name, shipping address, etc., to serve your customers better. Additionally, you should also include a forgot password option if the customer has difficulty accessing their account.

Upload Prescription: The patient or user should have the ability to upload their prescription. It can then be subjected to professional verification. Make sure the user has the option to upload their prescription in different formats, including PDF and image format.

Medicine Search: When you make an app in New Jersey for medicine delivery, you must ensure that customers can search for their medicines. Furthermore, it should also have an advanced filter and the ability to suggest similar medications from different brands.

Payment Options: Digital payments are a must for every on-demand app. There is no exception for your medicine delivery app either. Hence, ensure multiple payment options when making a medicine delivery app in New Jersey

Ratings And Reviews:  Allow your customers to post ratings and reviews for your products and delivery services. It will help other customers make better purchase decisions and allow your business to identify issues within it and rectify them.

Push Notifications: Push notifications are a must for on-demand delivery apps. It gives timely updates on medicine delivery every step of the way. Furthermore, it can be an excellent tool for marketing as you inform the user about discount or sale offers in your medicine delivery app. 

Order Tracking:  Once the user places an order, they can easily track its whereabouts using the medicine delivery app. Additionally, it would be best if you also considered implementing a map for tracking live orders. 

Quick Re-Ordering: This feature enables the customer to quickly re-order medicines using their previous order, saving valuable time. 

Key Features For The Pharmacy App

The key features you should include in the pharmacy app are as follows.

Registration/Login: Like the customer app, the pharmacy app also requires a registration process to allow third-party vendors to sell their products. Once registered, they can quickly log in whenever they want.

Account And Order Management: The vendor must be able to easily manage their company information and update it whenever they need to. Furthermore, the app should assist the vendors in managing their orders, including order returns, refunds, and prescription verification.  

Payments: The app should allow the vendors to accept payments directly from the customers. Hence, they should also have the capability to get information on all ongoing and past payments.

Digital Prescriptions, Order History, & Analytics: The pharmacy app should allow the vendor to access essential data such as the patient’s digital prescriptions. Furthermore, the app must facilitate the seller to access order history and analytics to streamline their business.

Key Features For The Admin Panel

The primary purpose of the admin panel is to manage your medicine delivery app and its operations. It includes a dashboard for managing orders, customers, delivery, and even third-party vendors. 

It also provides you with advanced analytics for optimizing your medicine delivery business. The admin panel also lets you monitor orders and provide quality customer service to users. 

Cost Of Making A Medicine Delivery App

A basic medicine delivery app with all the necessary features can cost you around $20,000. However, suppose you want additional features for a better user experience and easier business management. In that case, the cost of developing the app can range anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000.

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