Cost for Developing a Beauty & Salon App in Philadelphia

13 April, 2021

Cost for Developing a Beauty & Salon App in Philadelphia

Beauty salons and parlours have unknowingly become a part of our lives. Most people go to these salon’s to treat themselves to a facial or get their regular spruce up done that is sure to make them feel wonderful. Over time, the need for beauty salons have only grown and at least one person from every household visits the parlour once a month. 

The main issue customers around the world face while visiting these salons are the long queues and not being able to get an appointment on time. These two disadvantages were eliminated with the introduction of beauty and salon apps on a digital platform. It allowed customers to book services at their favourite place as and when required without having to wait. Multiple salon businesses and beauticians have entered this beauty and salon app industry to grow and reach more customers. 

And so if you are planning to enter this industry, this is your sign to do so. But before setting off on building the app, here are the costs related to developing a beauty and salon app. Do keep in mind that the costs may change according to the complexity and features of the app. 

  • The first thing to keep in mind while developing an app for beauty and salon is that there are various factors that affect the total cost of the app and they are as follows:
  1. UI/UX Design.
  2. Backend development.
  3. iOS and Android mobile application development.
  4. Testing and Launch.
Now let us break down each of these elements and understand the costs associated with them.

  • UI/UX Design- This is one of the most crucial elements while developing any application and is the element that usually costs the company the most amount of money. The UI/UX design is what ensures that the app is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and interesting. This design aims at providing users with the best experience every time they use the app. Especially because it’s a beauty and salon app, it needs to be colourful and provide detailed descriptions of each of the services, therefore the UI/UX design will cost the company around 1500$. 
  • Backend development- While developing an app in Philadelphia that provides customers with beauty services, ensuring foolproof backend development is important as it handles the overall functionality of the app. The backend development works in tandem with the front end to deliver the final product to the customer. The backend development of this kind of app will cost the company around 2000-3000$. 
  • Ios and Android mobile application development-  If your company wants to have the maximum reach then the beauty and salon app developed should be one that can function on both platforms. Customers are divided between iOS and Android equally and would want to use this on-demand service easily. Developing the app for both platforms will cost the company around 4000-5000$. It would cost the company lesser if the app was to be developed for one platform. 
  • Testing and Launch-  Developing a barber and beauty salon app in Philadelphia and ensuring its success means testing the MVP before the final launch. This testing will help the developers understand the weaknesses of the app and improve on it before releasing the app. Before the launch, promotion of the app should be done through advertisements and videos on the internet, this will increase customer engagement. Therefore, the testing and the launch process is the last and final step and will cost the company around 5000$. 
And so, we can understand that a simple on-demand beauty service app will cost companies around 11,000$ and as the complexity of the app increases and features such as real-time chats, AI/VI gets included, the cost of the app will increase to about 12,000-20,000$. 

In conclusion, we can understand that creating an on-demand app for beauty services and stepping into the digital platform is an expensive and time-consuming process, but if done with utmost care and efficiency it is sure to be a hit in the marketplace. The main thing that companies need to keep in mind while developing the app is providing world-class beauty services to customers with a click of a button that makes them feel well treated and taken care of. 

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