Cost for Uber Like Mobile App Development in NYC

30 January, 2021

Cost for Uber Like Mobile App Development in NYC

If you are looking to develop an on-demand taxi service then Uber would be your benchmark as it is one of the best taxi service apps in the industry. In order to create such an application and get it running in the marketplace, it is key that app developers estimate the cost and budgets required for this purpose.

The cost for mobile app development in today’s times is fairly high but the profits reaped from this investment is extremely good and will also lead to the company’s growth in the long term. The on-demand taxi service app is one such market that reaps the most benefits and one that customers use on a day-day basis. Therefore, app developers in NYC and all around the world need to look into certain things before trying to create an Uber like mobile app to compete in the marketplace. 

App companies need to also keep in mind that all the costs estimated will be only close to accurate and may vary according to the trends and time periods in the marketplace. 

  • Design Costs: One thing app companies need to keep in mind during on-demand mobile app development in NYC is that the design costs vary according to the features and the complexity of the application. Complexity is mainly based on the number of screens used, i.e. 6 screens is a simple app and 24 screens is a complex app. The complexity also varies based on various other things such as amount of information present on the app, UI/UX etc. Since Uber and other, on-demand taxi service apps fall under the average-complex category, it will cost the company approximately 8000-21,000$ for the wireframe and approximately 13,000-32,000$ for the UI/UX design. User friendly design is key in an on-demand application as it is what motivates customers to continue to use the application. 
  • Development and creation costs: After designing and estimating the design costs, app developers and companies should delve into the development costs and the development of the app is what turns app ideas into reality for customers to use. The more advanced features the app entails, the more the development cost. Companies usually face a trade-off situation when it comes to cost and features. If the company wants to create a basic taxi service application with simple features such as user login, push notifications etc. it will cost them anything between 40k-60k$, we can call this a baseline cost. In contrast if the company wants to add interactive features like Uber such as IoT integration, in app advertising, maps and driving instructions to stand out in the marketplace, it may cost the company another 6k$. The cost will vary with the amount the company chooses to focus on its customers and their needs. 
  • Hybrid or Native Apps: Another key point that companies should look into during an Uber like Mobile App Development in NYC, is whether it will be a Native application that can be run only on one platform or a Hybrid application that can be provided on every single platform i.e. IOS, Android etc. This decision will affect the cost drastically as it looks into the customer reach of the app. Most companies prefer Hybrid apps as it can run everywhere and target more audience. This will also be better for on-demand taxi service apps in NYC as customers use various platforms and will be more satisfied if the app is available to them everywhere as and when required. The company can save costs by creating a hybrid app and also it will cost them more to create a Native App and then eventually expand it as the app grows. 
In conclusion, we can understand that creating an on-demand taxi service app similar to Uber and meeting that set expectation in the marketplace is quite the task but it is not impossible with the right technology, team and framework. Companies need to ensure to add features that meet customer requirements and satisfy their needs, keeping the customers as the center and developing the app according to their comfort and making it as user friendly as possible will eventually lead to the success of the app in the market.

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