Cost to Build a Cannabis Delivery App

12 November, 2021

Cost to Build a Cannabis Delivery App

With the sale and consumption of marijuana being legalized in most parts of the US, the cannabis industry is now soaring like never before. The demand for quality cannabis products is so high that every cannabis business today needs to build an app to provide better service to their customers.

However, most cannabis businesses, especially small store owners, are skeptical about building an app for running their business. The biggest concern for cannabis businesses have about building a Cannabis app is the cost of building it.

Today, we will help you get a comprehensive idea of how much money you need to build a cannabis app for your business. 

Features And Functionalities For a Cannabis App

Your on-demand cannabis delivery app needs to have three major panels. It includes the customer panel, delivery panel, and admin panel. Each panel needs to have distinct features and functionalities. Some of the significant features and functionalities you should include in these panels are discussed below. 

Customer Panel

Your customer panel should have easy sign up/in features that allow users to sign up/in on your app with the Gmail or social media accounts. It should also allow the user to upload prescriptions, conduct smart searches, and support in-app payments. You should also make it a point to include features that enable the customers to track their orders, schedule deliveries, and submit feedback through ratings and reviews.

Delivery Panel

The delivery panel should mainly contain three capabilities. First, you need to allow the delivery person to create and register a profile. Apart from that, the app should support GPS tracking and real-time monitoring of orders.

Admin Panel

The admin panel should have advanced business managing capabilities. It should have a well-equipped dashboard for easy management. The admin must be able to manage customers, orders, and listings through the app.

What is the Cost of Building a Cannabis Delivery App?

The all-important question for cannabis businesses at this point is “what is the cost of building an on-demand cannabis delivery app?” The short answer to that question is that the estimated cost of building an on-demand cannabis delivery app is $40,000 to $50,000.

However, this amount is merely an estimate, and the actual cost might vary based on the unique nature of your on-demand app. Furthermore, different development companies have different parameters for their development cost. Some of the major cost factors are listed below.

UX/UI Design Cost

The design of your cannabis app plays a vital role in deciding the cost of the project and the app’s success in the market. You need a team of experts who can genuinely understand your business and brand and convey your values through the design. 

The design complexity can change based on the features and functionalities you include in the app. If you hire a designer for the app design, they could charge you anywhere between $15 to $25 per hour.

Development Cost

The development cost can also fluctuate depending on the features and functionalities you choose for your cannabis delivery app. Apart from the features, the type platform (Native Android, iOS or cross-platform) also plays a big role in deciding the development cost. However, you can expect the development cost to range between $5000 to $7000+.

App Testing 

The testing methodology used for testing your app can also affect the overall cost of building the app. The best approach to minimize this cost is by hiring an end-to-end app development company as they have access to automated testing tools.

Maintenance And Support

You can not stop spending money on your cannabis delivery app even after its final deployment, as you’d still need maintenance and support for the app. It can cost you around 25% of the total cost for developing the app.


The features and functionalities you include in an on-demand cannabis delivery app play a vital role in the development cost of your app. More importantly, these features and functionalities can also decide whether your app succeeds in the market or not. The best approach you can take to minimize the cost of development is to hire an expert end-to-end app development company like NewAgeSmb.

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