Cost to Build a Food Delivery App in NJ

23 March, 2021

Cost to Build a Food Delivery App in NJ

With the world changing at a fast pace, the way people around the world attain certain things they require has also changed. Today’s customers prefer a simple online application or website for everything from purchasing day-day items to getting warm-cooked meals delivered to their doorsteps on busy days.

Food delivery apps such as UberEats, Zomato, and GrubHub are the most commonly used applications around the world. These applications have grown drastically over the past few years as customers started shifting to these platforms for ordering food regularly. From students who live alone, to bachelors, working parents, and senior citizens, all kinds of customers use these apps due to their user-friendliness and varieties.  These apps allow users to skip long queues at restaurants and provide them an option of ordering from a range of restaurants from the comfort of their own homes. 

Therefore, in order to compete with such established apps as mentioned earlier, companies need to create an innovative app that attracts customers. Companies should keep in mind that there are multiple costs associated in doing so and will change according to the complexity of the application. 

And so, here is an approximate estimate of costs that are required to build a food delivery app in the current market: 

Panels Required

Building an app that delivers food to customers is a task that requires utmost attention. To ensure that the app works as efficiently as possible, there are various panels required and they are as follows:

  • Customer Panel- Allows customers to create a profile, view restaurants nearby, place orders according to available options, and make payments easily.
  • Delivery Panel- It receives the order, completes the booking, and views the profits earned.
  • Vendor Panel- Manages the deliveries, uploads food menus, manages payments, can view the profits and losses.
  • Admin Panel- This is one of the most crucial panels that coordinates between the customer, delivery and vendor panel. It ensures the security of the app and works on more technical requirements. 
The above panels are the front-end and back-end of the application and require a lot of time and effort to be completed. And so, it would approximately cost about 8000$-14000$ to develop this and about 400 hours to complete the work. 

UI/UX Design

One of the main costs associated with building an app in NJ or around the world that allows customers to order food without any hassle is the UI/UX design costs. Design is key in any application and it is the decision point on whether the customer finds the app easy to use or not. The aim of the application should be to provide the customer with the best user experience every time they use the app. The app should be easy to grasp, aesthetically pleasing, and contain multiple options to gain customer satisfaction. Therefore, according to the UI/UX complexity, it will approximately cost the company 2000$-3000$ in this aspect. 

Testing of the Application

Testing of the application is one of the most important steps before the final launch of the app into the market. It is also the step that costs the most amount of money while building a food delivery app in NJ or around the world. This step points out any improvements required before the final launch and also chooses the best platform i.e. iOS or Android for the launch. This would approximately cost the company around 2000$-4000$. The costs will only continue to add up as the number of times the app is tested increases. 

Companies also need to remember that a few of the other development costs are the bug fixing costs before launch which costs about 1000$-1500$ and also the technical documentation costs which are approximately 1000$. 

Lastly, we can understand the above-mentioned costs are the basic development costs and will change according to the location where the app is being developed, the requirements of customers, and the platform the app is being launched in. Companies should ensure that they have the correct budget, a profit forecast and an idea of overhead expenses before developing the app, and should also be prepared to encounter extra costs for any bottlenecks during the development process. Although the process of developing the application is pricey, the profits and returns are also equally good. 

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