Covid 19 - The Best Time to Create a Fitness App

01 September, 2020

Covid 19 - The Best Time to Create a Fitness App

E-commerce apps are probably at their all-time high due to the ongoing pandemic outbreak. With people counting on online purchases for buying even the basic necessities has set a new trend wherein people have started finding it possible to buy products or avail to various services through websites and apps of different businesses. Another important service that people are making use of through mobile apps, from the comforts of their homes is fitness as with the lockdown, fitness centres and gyms have taken a backseat. While fitness freaks are using mobile apps to keep up to their regime, others who always had a plan to start working out had an abundance of time to think about their health and start working towards starting a new lifestyle, which would otherwise be difficult due to lack of time. The revenue generated by already existing fitness apps during pandemic days has persuaded other businesses in the same sector also to create a mobile app that will promote their business and in turn generate revenue. 

While fitness apps are providing customised plans for different body types with regards to the user’s eating habits, medical conditions and the areas where they want to lose weight, as a part of exploiting the situation, the app developers have also collaborated with both android as well as iOS platforms to incorporate features like reminding the user to wash hands, use sanitizers, cover the face while going out, using masks and other instructions that are the need of the hour. Apps also provide features with which live sessions with fitness experts and dieticians can be scheduled as per the user’s timings. The experts discuss the issues and requirements from the user and design a package accordingly. Workouts, exercises, yoga as well as grooming of mental health also forms part of the fitness apps that serve as the solution for a good chunk of the population who are currently homebound.

Another category who are responsible for the increasing downloads of fitness apps are expecting mothers and those who are trying to get rid of their post-partum weight. As both the aspects are extremely complex and different for each woman, the app has precise and dedicated features that provide proper guidelines for each user according to their requirements. New moms can also schedule their sessions according to the nap time of their babies and other fitness freak mommies can adjust according to the time of their children’s home-schooling hours. As the situations around us, are each day, signalling to adopt a healthy lifestyle, fitness is a trend that is here to stay. 

During desperate times like these, it can be considered that fitness is not just a part of one’s personal health management routine but a responsibility of every individual towards the society in general. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to create a mobile app for any fitness related activity. Hiring a professional team to develop the same after proper market research will also ensure popularity as well as returns.

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